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10 vacuums Yahoo staffers can't live without in 2024: Dyson, Bissell, Shark, ThisWorx and more

Discover the best models — including uprights, sticks, handhelds and robovacs — for every type of cleaning job.

best vacuums
Clean sweep: These Yahoo staff favorites will handle all the dirty work for you — and leave your home spick-and-span for the new year.

The best vacuums are durable, agile, versatile — and actually fun to use. Quick and efficient, they make it easy to tackle rogue cobwebs, embedded dirt and ever-present pet hair, giving you more time to enjoy your home, while spending less time cleaning it.

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Yahoo shopping writers and editors, who spend their time researching and testing products, have deep knowledge of cleaning gear. So who better to bring you the best vacuums in every category? From sleek cordless sticks to zippy handhelds (including robovacs that basically do the work for you), the top 10 picks of our team are below. Find your perfect match among these superstars. And when you're done, please step right this way for more cleaning tips and house favorites.

Yahoo favorites: upright vacuums

First up: this popular lift-away vacuum from Shark, which has over 5,000 five-star reviews, swivels gracefully around and under furniture, and devours dirt like a demon. The vacuum pod lifts away (hence the name) and can combine with attachments for hard-to-reach areas. I gifted this to my parents a few years ago at the suggestion of my Lift-Away-owning sister and, let me tell you, it does not disappoint. 

$318 at Amazon
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$333 at Lowe's$350 at Walmart

If you’re in need of a deeper clean, this wet/dry ‘Crosswave’ vacuum from Bissell deserves your attention. “This vacuum blew me away from the first use," says Yahoo Senior Health Editor April McCormick. That’s saying something, considering April has been “a Dyson devotee,” till now. "I especially love how I can instantly go from mopping to vacuuming and back with the push of a button," says McCormick, whose house is 80% hardwood floors and 20% rugs. "The Bissell Crosswave allows me to vacuum and mop all at once — and in under thirty minutes!” I personally own the ‘HydroSteam’ version — great for loosening tough and sticky messes — and use it regularly.

$270 at Amazon
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$270 at Kohl's$330 at Lowe's

Yahoo favorites: Cordless stick vacuums

In the market for a stick? Yahoo Executive Commerce Editor Nicole Sforza recommends this cordless vacuum from Oraimo. “it's lightweight and a really smooth ride.” She appreciates the LED panel, which indicates suction level and battery power. “The brush head automatically detangles hair clumps. I love that it stands upright (so easy to store), and it comes with four extra HEPA filters, which is great.” Enter code Yahoo225 at Amazon checkout to score the Oraimo Cordless Stick Vacuum for $129.99 through 01/27/2024, 11:59 PM PST (at the time of publication, there's also an Amazon coupon for an additional $30 off, bringing the price down to only $99.99).

$160 at Amazon

The coveted Dyson 7 Absolute captured the heart of Yahoo Deputy Editor Izabella Zaydenberg five years ago — and has been capturing everything on her floors since. “This vacuum works just as well now as it did when I first got it!" she says."It's a beast at sucking up pet hair, easily reaches corners and under furniture, and is lightweight enough to carry up and down stairs. It also comes with several attachments, like a crevice tool and a brush for stubborn dirt — perfect for pet parents! And it's excellent at getting cat litter dust.” The top portion also detaches for handheld use. Enjoy up to 30 minutes of runtime with one charge

$418 at Amazon

Another top-rated option: the Dyson 8, which packs a lot of power (21.6 volts; 40 minutes of runtime) into a compact 11-pound frame. This is the go-to for Yahoo Senior Writer Nicole Lee. “It’s easy to use and easy to dock/undock. There are three different levels for different surfaces, and the large tube detaches for a smaller portable version,” she says. Like the Dyson 7, the Dyson 8 comes with a bevy of attachments for getting into narrow crevices and cleaning shallow areas (such as under car seats).

$349 at Amazon
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$350 at Walmart$350 at Lowe's

Yahoo Deals Writer Patrick Hearn considers this cordless LG vacuum, which boasts up to 120 minutes of runtime, a worthy investment for those able to splurge. “The tower has an internal bag that's good for about two months of dust and debris. The vacuum automatically empties into the bag when you put it on to charge,” he explains. “It also comes with a crevice tool, a small upholstery tool and several other attachments — including a buffer that can polish hardwood floors. Multiple power levels make this ideal for deep-cleaning areas robovacs miss.” Also included: a 10-year motor warranty.

$539 at Amazon
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$1,243 at Newegg

Yahoo favorites: robot vacuums

Love the idea of having your floors cleaned without your involvement? We do too! Yahoo Style and Beauty Writer Rebecca Carhart considers this wet/dry robovac from Eufy a game-changer, especially since the addition of a puppy to her household. “The handy gadget suctions up dirt and washes floors simultaneously, cutting cleaning time in half. The mop portion sucks water back in as it works, so it doesn’t leave behind any puddles,” she explains. “It has two tanks for separating clean and dirty water and I'm able to start and stop it from the app on my phone, i.e. clean floors when I'm not even there!” What a boon when it comes to long days at work or last-minute visitors. Btw, a cousin to this model, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac, is a budget-friendly favorite of Yahoo readers.

$550 at Amazon

For those who can get over the sticker shock, Deals Writer Patrick Hearn says the Roborock S7 punches well above its weight, essentially serving as a vacuum, mop and cleaning professional in one. “The vacuum/mop combo is fantastic. Multiple cleaning modes allow me to choose the speed and level of clean, and it automatically empties itself out when the job is done,” he says. “The Roborock interface is also really intuitive and makes it easy to set ‘no go’ zones. But the vacuum itself is intelligent enough to avoid most obstacles.” That's a big plus for busier homes with lots of furniture or toys.

$900 at Amazon

Yahoo favorites: handheld vacuums

Bissell’s small but mighty Little Green is one of my (once) best-kept secrets for rejuvenating carpets and upholstery. I scooped one up after scanning thousands of positive reviews and getting a nudge from a friend who considers it a must-have for parents (of children and/or pets). Because it’s so compact, it’s also ideal for apartment-dwellers. Learn more about its magic in my full review.

$99 at Wayfair
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$99 at Amazon

Last, but certainly not least, is this No. 1 bestselling handheld vacuum from ThisWorx, endorsed by more than 165,000 Amazon customers (yes, you read that right). Fans cite its powerful suction, compact profile and competitive price. “Better than expected,” according to Yahoo Senior Tech Writer Rick Broida (see it in action here). Additional highlights include a 16-foot cord for navigating around bigger cars, as well as a carrying case, flathead hose, brush head and extension tube."

$37 at Amazon


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