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15 kitchen essentials Yahoo editors can’t live without, starting at $10

Discover staff favorites for prepping, cooking and storing — from brands like Vitamix, OXO and more.

Quick Overview
  • Puzmug Olive Oil Sprayer Mister

    Your stovetop sidekick

  • QD-Udreamy Jute Hanging Kitchen Baskets

    Charming wall storage

  • GripStic Reusable Bag Sealers

    Zippy bag clips

  • EZ-Duz-It Deluxe Can Opener with Black Grips

    A heavy-duty can opener

  • Lydia's Deal Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer

    The handiest juicier

  • Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler, 3-Pack

    An appealing trio

  • RSVP International Onion Goggles

    Tear-proof frames

  • Surpahs Multipurpose Roll-Up Rack

    A small-space savior

  • Akeeko Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap, 9-Pack

    Bee-autiful food bundles

  • Vitamix Gourmet SmartPrep Kitchen System

    A master prep course

  • Anthropologie Cottage Berry Basket

    Darling fruit strainers

  • Zulay Milk Frother

    Your own magic wand

  • Tovolo Vented Collapsible Medium Microwave Cover

    Convection protection

  • OXO Good Grips Large Salad Spinner

    A disco for your salads

  • Material The reBoard

    One bold display

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Our shopping editors are constantly testing products to bring you the very best (so when we love said products enough to make them permanent fixtures in our homes, you know they have to be several cuts above the rest). That’s especially true of kitchen items, where a never-ending influx of gadgets are in the race for our precious cabinet space (making the items on this list all the more coveted and worthy of serious consideration). From freshness-preserving bag sealers to some of the coolest cutting boards we’ve seen (not to mention the roll-up rack one editor loves so much she’s giving it as gifts!), read on for the kitchen essentials we rely on regularly to prepare our meals, tidy our spaces and everything in between.

A little spray goes a long way when it comes to this convenient olive oil mister, which can be used for cold salads, hot veggies and beyond.

$17 at Amazon

“I feel like I am saving oil and calories at the same time! The sprayer allows me to coat a pan perfectly from edge to edge. Before using this sprayer, I would pour a ton of oil in the pan and tip the pan side-to-side to disperse, inevitably being left with a little too much oil sitting in the pan (aka extra unnecessary fat and calories). I also love that I can easily coat salads, or chicken, veggies and seafood before roasting or air-frying without using my hands.” —April McCormick, Health Editor

Add a bohemian touch — while organizing produce — with these woven wonders, handcrafted of eco-friendly jute.

$25 at Amazon

“I love these for holding and preserving fruits and veggies. The natural jute weave looks so pretty and stylish on the wall. Everyone compliments me and then buys their own! The various sizes are perfect for both small and large produce, and since four bags come in the set, I can keep things separate. No more onions and potatoes rolling around together in the cupboard!” —April McCormick, Health Editor

These slender bag sealers come backed by over 8,500 five-star reviews (and the compact design makes them easy to store when not in use).

$24 at Amazon

“Super-easy way to create airtight seals on food bags: chips, granola, frozen veggies, etc. Just fold the bag, slide the "Stic" halfway, press out the air, then slide to the end.” —Rick Broida, Senior Technology Writer

More than 10,000 customers — and one impressed editor — agree: This no-fuss device opens cans with strength and ease.

$21 at Amazon

“The amount of can openers I’ve trashed because they are as effective as cutting steel with a butter knife is astonishing. This one, though, that slides through cans like a hot knife through butter, brings me a weird sense of joy.” —Scott Simone, Managing Editor

Get the most out of your fruits with a device that will help you whip up fresh juice (minimal cleanup required).

$19 at Amazon

“This is not the exact juicer I own (the brand I have isn't on Amazon anymore), but it is amazing. It makes juicing my lemons so so so easy." —Rachel Roszmann, Weekend Editor

Over 7,000 reviewers rely on these mini peelers to streamline their prep (just pop them in the dishwasher when you're done).

$20 at Amazon

“On the recommendation of a chef friend, I've been using these peelers for years. They're razor-sharp and make quick work of peeling carrots, potatoes, apples, etc. They don't dull easily." —Lisa Schweitzer, Senior Editor

Stand up to (onion) crimes with these top-rated goggles, which will make you look like a superhero and come in five shades for getting your mask just right.

$28 at Amazon

“I used to not be able to slice onions without sobbing, but now that I have these (super stylish) goggles, I can chop to my heart's content! You do have to make sure they're flush against your face, but once they're secure, I've found that they do a great job of keeping those allium juices from stinging my eyes.” —Britt Ross, Deals Writer

More than 29,000 Amazon customers give this roll-up rack a thumbs-up for its ability to streamline everyday tasks while creating extra counter space. 

$35 at Amazon

“It's an over-sink drying rack, a hot plate, extra counter space and more. Plus, it rolls right out of the way when I don't need it. Awesome. I've gifted this to many family members and friends and they love it too.” —Libby Sentz, Contributing Shopping Editor

Preserve your food — and the environment — with reusable wraps that are perfect for storing and gifting (available in several different pattern combos!).

$15 at Amazon

“I made the simple switch from plastic wrap to beeswax wraps a year ago and haven't looked back. They soften and mold to the shape of different fruits and veggies with the warmth of your hand and are incredibly easy to clean. The wraps are especially useful for oddly-shaped produce like half-used lemons, onions and avocados.” —Amanda Garrity, Commerce Editor, Gift Guides

More than a mixer: this top-rated, comprehensive kitchen system will make you a blending, chopping, slicing and pureeing pro.

$900 at Amazon

“I was lucky enough to be sent this multitasking workhorse from the brand and have completely fallen in love with it. It's definitely the most expensive tool in my kitchen but, given I've used it nearly every day since receiving it, I would say the prep system is well worth the cost. Not only is it an amazing blender that lets me whip up smoothies, milkshakes, soups and more with ease, but it also works as a food processor. It comes with multiple shaped slicing discs, so I'm able to perfectly chop, mince, shred, julienne and slice ingredients with just the push of a button. Even better, all the containers and lids are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.” —Rebecca Carhart, Fashion and Beauty Writer

It doesn't get much sweeter than these hand-painted fruit bowls, which serve as a one-stop-wash for berries and other small produce.

$14 at Anthropologie

“Grapes and berries are special — and this basket shows them off properly. I can take them straight from sink to table in this little beauty (available in four speckled shades). The stoneware is dishwasher-safe so it's easy to clean as well.” —Libby Sentz, Contributing Shopping Editor

Achieve barista status with this top-rated frother, which turns any old coffee into a specialty brew in a flash.

$17 at Amazon

“This handheld frother has taken my morning coffee to the next level. In just seconds, I'm able to transform any type of milk into the thick and creamy foam needed for lattes and cappuccinos. I also use it to make matcha tea, as I found it’s so much easier (and faster) to use than a traditional matcha whisk and it's also great for protein drinks or pre-workout beverages as I find it combines the powder and liquids much better than stirring or shaker bottles do.” —Rebecca Carhart, Fashion and Beauty Writer

Backed by over 49,000 five-star ratings, this Amazon No. 1 bestseller comes highly approved (one of our editors was so impressed they bought two).

$10 at Amazon

“I have a comically small kitchen, and this thing not only keeps my microwave from becoming a disaster every time I heat up leftovers, but it does double-duty as a colander. It's collapsible, too, so it takes up hardly any space. I have two, just because I use them so frequently!” —Izabella Zaydenberg, Deputy Editor

Take your salads for a spin with this top-rated bowl from OXO Good Grips, which makes washing and drying greens a breeze.

$30 at Amazon

"I’ve been trying to up my veggie intake, and fresh salads have become my go-to. This spinner from OXO Good Grips — complete with a non-slip rubber grip and brake button — makes it convenient to rinse and dry greens for healthier, cleaner eating. And Amazon customers love it too: The spinner is a No. 1 bestseller and has over 28,000 five-star reviews." —Kristin Granero, Home and Garden Editor

This cutting board adds a playful pop of color to your kitchen counter (or wall) while giving back to the environment and, depending on the version, different communities.

$35 at Material

"I got my hands on one of these cutting boards after I saw how nice they looked (and well they worked!) in a friend’s kitchen and have expanded my collection since. They're beautiful, durable and sustainable, available in five shades and made of BPA-free kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane. They double as fun serving boards, have a corner cutout for easy hanging and, to add to the thoughtfulness, Material is donating 50% of profits from the To Pó-Po with Love version to Heart of Dinner. The brand offers The Mini reBoard for lighter prep work and The Grippy reBoard for greater traction (last time I checked, you could also score 15% off with email signup)." —Kristin Granero, Home and Garden Editor