10,000+ Amazon Shoppers Just Bought These Storage Bags That Hold a ‘Boxes Worth of Stuff,’ and They’re $4 Apiece

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“These bags are a lifesaver for moving"

<p>People / Madison Woiten</p>

People / Madison Woiten

Moving is always a hassle, no matter how prepared you are. You could just throw everything in suitcases and boxes, but investing in moving bags might help make things easier.

Right now, you can snag a four-pack of the Cosy Family Extra-Large Moving Bags for just $16, which comes out to just $4 apiece. The bags measure 29 inches by 13 inches by 14 inches and can hold up to 24 gallons worth of items. According to shoppers, even when full, they’re easy to transport thanks to durable handles. They’re a great size to fit winter clothing, bulky linens, books, toys, and more. And the best part is that they fold up and can be stored when not in use.

Cosy Family 4-Pack Extra Large Moving Bags, $16 (Save 53%)



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Each bag is woven from heavy polypropylene, so you can pack them up in your bedroom and transport them to your new home without worrying about the backpack style straps snapping. They also have high-quality zippers and waterproof materials to ensure your belongings stay secured and protected.

The bags have racked up more than 3,600 perfect ratings from users who are praising them for being able to “hold so much” and calling them the “best bags for moving.” Plus, more than 10,000 Amazon shoppers snapped up the “strong and durable” four-pack in the past month.

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“These bags are a lifesaver for moving. I stuffed [everything] in them,” one user wrote and added that they “made moving and packing the U-Haul a breeze.” Another reviewer, who moved out of a building with no elevator, shared, “These bags held several boxes worth of stuff, which saved us trips down the stairs.”

A final shopper, who helped their grandson move to college, stated: “You won’t believe how much stuff you can get in one bag. Easy to carry and took up less space in the car than boxes would have.”

Head to Amazon to get the Cosy Family 4-Pack Extra Large Moving Bags while they’re just $4 apiece.

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