Watch Shania Twain’s sex-scene appearance on 'Broad City'

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It finally happened: Abbi Jackson met Shania Twain on Broad City. Abbi has been lying to anyone who’ll listen, saying she trained Shania Twain at the cult-like gym she works at, Soulstice.

Twain’s appearance on the show was filled with references to her country-pop stardom. At one point, she exclaimed, “Man! I feel like a smoothie!” Twain even improvised a short song, and remarked to herself, “F***, I’m good.”

The country singer’s appearance played second fiddle to Abbi and Trey’s weird rekindling of their romance.

Perhaps the best moment of the episode was when Abbi and Trey had awkward sex in the gym locker room, while Shania Twain surprised them with a serenade of her hit song, “You’re Still the One.”

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