Today, We Honor Panem's District Heroes


Naida Dolan, District 4

As the seasons change and the tides turn, the citizens of District 4 continue their endless dedication to feeding the beating heart of the Capitol. We salute you, the hardworking citizens of the Fishing District, and your invaluable contributions to society. Brought to you by the Capitol Ministry of Information, this commemorative display of the lovely Naida Dolan represents District 4 heroism at its finest!

Remember the value of your actions as they pertain to the growth and unity of the country as a whole. Every fish you spear, every knot you tie, and every ocean swell you conquer further helps maintain the steady current of our elegant system, and strengthens the bond between Panem and its people. No contribution is too small, and every impact is crucial.

As you discover the inspiring pieces the Capitol Ministry of Information has set about your District, remember that we are One Panem. Stand by the Capitol and forge a bond that is unbreakable.

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