Today, We Honor Panem's District Heroes

Capital CoutureJune 25, 2014

Malcolm Kastel, District 6 

The Capitol honors District 6’s tenacious efforts to make outstanding strides in the world of transit. We praise the everyday heroes of the Transportation District and cherish a community that strives for excellence, progress and harmony!

The road to unity is endless, but together we can steer our way to prosperity. Panem lives to serve its people, but in return each District must live to serve its duty. Become pioneers in your field and help us enrich the lives of your fellow citizens.

We appreciate the love and commitment every citizen rolls into his or her work. From the young minds absorbing the culture and history of our great nation, to the men and women working day in and day out to protect our elegant system, every job is essential to the growth of Panem.

In times of struggle, indecision or hardship, find encouragement in Malcolm Kastel and this exemplary poster of one of your own, and remember the importance of what you do. As we travel down the path to unity, we ask you to do your part and stay informed. To receive ongoing updates from the Capitol Ministry of Information, please join us with your information at The CMI: For the People of Panem.

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