The New Yellow Power Ranger Thinks Original Series Fans Will Be ‘Very Happy’ With the Movie

The Americanized TV version of Power Rangers featured a cast of rangers that represented more of the U.S. audience than many other television shows of its era. While the new movie adaptation of the ’90s touchstone will be different, the embrace of diversity remains the same.

Power Rangers has always been so ahead of the curve and represented diversity in such a great way,” New Yellow Ranger Becky G told our Khail Anonymous at Yahoo’s Los Angeles studios. “And I feel like they’ve always been a great reflection of the audience that’s going to be watching it. And this is for our generation.”

Trailers and clips of the film have made it pretty clear that this new movie isn’t a carbon copy of the show it’s adapted from. “Something I like to make very clear is this movie is a reimagination,” Becky G said. “Although the names might sound familiar, you are meeting our version of the characters for the very first time. It’s taking place in 2017.”

Power Rangers has very passionate fans, and we’re coming into this very new, and the movie feels very new and maybe not familiar just yet, and they haven’t seen what we did, and they haven’t gotten to meet the characters,” she continued. “So I can understand the hesitation and the sentimental attachment. I think the O.G. fans will be very happy and very pleased.”

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