'Deadliest Catch' star Mahlon Reyes dies at age 38

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Deadliest Catch star Mahlon Reyes has died at age 38.  (Photo: Facebook/Deadliest Catch)
Deadliest Catch star Mahlon Reyes has died at age 38. (Photo: Facebook/Deadliest Catch)

Deadliest Catch star Mahlon Reyes has died at age 38, a spokesperson from the Discovery Channel confirmed to Yahoo Entertainment.

“We have been informed of his passing so I can confirm based on that. So sad. So young,” the network representative said in an email to Yahoo Entertainment. A rep also told Variety, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family."

On Saturday, Reyes’s wife told TMZ that the deckhand died last week in his hometown of Whitefish, Montana after a July 25 heart attack that put him on life support. The family removed Reyes from life support the following day. His wife told the outlet that Mahlon was cremated and that his television crew will spread his ashes in the Bering Sea.

The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, a representative of which could not be reached by Yahoo Entertainment, says the fisherman’s cause of death has not yet been confirmed. According to E! News, Reyes’s wife is named Heather B. Sullivan. She did not immediately reply to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment.

According to IMDB, Reyes, reportedly a father of four, appeared in 14 episodes of the Emmy-winning reality show that chronicles the lives of Alaskan crab fishermen on the Bering Sea since 2012.

On Saturday, “Deck Boss” and costar Nick McGlashan retweeted the TMZ story writing, “Love you Mahlonn m v you’re missed. RIP” and posted a “family photo” with the caption, “Laughing, crying and remembering our brother Mahlon Reyes of the Summer Bay.”

Reyes is not the first Deadliest Catch star to pass away — in 2018, Captain Blake Painter was found dead in his Astoria, Oregon home at age 38. And in 2010, Captain Phil Harris died at 53 from a heart attack in Alaska after suffering a stoke. The following year, deckhand Justin Tennison, 33, was found dead in his Alaska hotel room, due to complications from sleep apnea, his death sparking rumors of a Deadliest Catch “curse,” according to ABC News. And in 2015, captain Tony Lara, 50, died of a heart attack in his sleep while in South Dakota.

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