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  • Brian Howe, Bad Company Lead Singer and Ted Nugent Vocalist, Dies at 66

    Brian Howe, the lead singer for the British rock supergroup Bad Company and a former vocalist for Ted Nugent, has died. He was 66.Howe was found in his home Tuesday morning, suffering from cardiac arrest. Though EMT’s were able to have a short conversation with him, they were unable to revive him. Howe’s passing was confirmed by his longtime friend and manager, Paul Easton.“It is with deep and profound sadness that we announce the untimely passing of a loving father, friend and musical icon, Brian Howe,” Easton said in a statement.Also Read: Florian Schneider, German Electronic Music Pioneer With Kraftwerk, Dies at 73“Finding the appropriate words to express the pain in our hearts over losing my brother has been difficult.” his sister Sandie said in a statement. “Our family would like to thank you for your compassion and the outpouring of love we are receiving.”Howe replaced Paul Rodgers as the lead singer for Bad Company back in 1986 and lent the vocals to one of the band’s most successful albums, 1990’s “Holy Water,” which produced a Top 20 power ballad, “If You Needed Somebody.”Born in Portsmouth, England, Howe was discovered by Ted Nugent and recorded the vocals for Nugent’s album “Penetrator” in 1983 and would also perform with the guitarist for his world tour in 1984 for a couple of years.Also Read: Don Shula, Legendary NFL Coach of the Miami Dolphins, Dies at 90Then in 1986 when Bad Company members Simon Kirke and Mick Ralphs decided to resurrect the Bad Company name, they recruited Howe to replace Rodgers, starting with the album “Fame & Fortune.” He also appears on the albums “Dangerous Age,” and “Here Comes Trouble.”Howe departed the band in 1994 and Bad Company would reunite with its original lineup, including Rodgers, for a few tracks in 1995. Howe also had three solo records, including 1997’s “Tangled in Blue,” and wrote the single “Hot Tin Roof” most recently in 2018. He’s also credited as a co-writer on the Megadeth song “I’ll Get Even.”Prior to his death, Howe was on tour with his band Paul Warren, Christopher Turnbow, Miguel Gonzales and Rick Brothers before the industry shut down due to COVID-19.Also Read: Irrfan Khan, Star of 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Life of Pi,' Dies at 53“I feel we are all put in this world for a reason,” his son Michael said in a statement. “The passion for music was my father’s, and I am so happy that his legacy will live on.”Howe also did charity work with the Have A Heart Animal Rescue group and continued writing songs up until his death. He is survived by his sister Sandie and her husband, his son Michael and daughters Victoria and Ella, along with three grandchildren Kira, Alexandria, and Aurora.Read original story Brian Howe, Bad Company Lead Singer and Ted Nugent Vocalist, Dies at 66 At TheWrap

  • Comedian George Lopez Under Attack for Joke About Rumored Bounty on Trump

    George Lopez trended on Twitter Monday morning after commenting on an Instagram account that he would kill President Trump to secure a bounty mentioned during a eulogy at Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani’s funeral over the weekend.News of the $80 million bounty — which hasn’t been confirmed as actually being sanctioned by the regime and instead was a comment from someone speaking at the funeral — was posted uncritically as fact to an Instagram account Sunday.Lopez commented, “We’ll do it for half.”Also Read: DNC Demands That Mitt Romney Condemn Ted Nugent Over Obama CommentsAlong with his name, “arrest George Lopez” was soon trending on Twitter as right-wing pundits attacked him for the comment. Turning Points USA founder and president Charlie Kirk tweeted that the comment was “sick” and worth an investigation from the Secret Service. LifeZette TV’s Wayne Dupree, too, asked the Secret Service to get involved. He called Lopez a “violent lunatic” who should be arrested. Mark Levin simply called him a “lowlife.”Commentators on the left weren’t as quick to condemn the comedian.“Trumpers are outraged over comedian George Lopez’s joke-Trumpers want PC comedy when it comes to their side but applaud non comedians like Ted Nugent who called for killing President Obama who was then later rewarded for threatening Obama by being welcomed to Trump White House,” wrote SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah.Read original story Comedian George Lopez Under Attack for Joke About Rumored Bounty on Trump At TheWrap

  • Ted Nugent muses about civil war: 'One side' can shoot, the other 'is confused about which bathroom to use'

    The 70-year-old conservative rocker delighted his followers with a Facebook post on "logic and guns."

  • Ted Nugent slams Marco Rubio's proposed firearms bill: 'The devil is in charge'

    "Oh sure! Everybody knows that big brother government can be trusted to determine which of us can be trusted," Nugent, 70, wrote on Facebook.

  • Ted Nugent upset that Michigan is turning 'into a California s***hole' after Election Day

    Ted Nugent slams the outcome of Michigan's midterms as “downright insane cultural suicide.”

  • Ted Nugent calls father of gun violence victim a 'dumb f***' for protesting concert

    Ted Nugent bashes Andy Parker for protesting his concert, declaring, "How the f*** do you hate the Nugent family when we’re praying for you?"