Ted Nugent slams Marco Rubio's proposed firearms bill: 'The devil is in charge'

Ted Nugent has some thoughts on Sen. Marco Rubio’s resurfaced red-flag bill — and they aren’t positive.

The outspoken conservative rocker got his followers all riled up Monday when posting about the news that Rubio reintroduced a bill that would make it easier for courts to disarm dangerous people, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

“Oh sure! Everybody knows that big brother government can be trusted to determine which of us can be trusted,” Nugent, 70, shared on Facebook. “Maybe Hillary or Eric holder or James Comey could be in charge of such decision making. Sleep comfortably at night America the devil is in charge.”

Per usual, many of Nugent’s loyal followers passionately weighed in.

“I’m telling you it’s time for Civil War!!! We the people need to take our country and government back!!!” one person wrote, with another sharing a similar sentiment: “Looks like the Civil War will start sooner than I expected. GOOD!”

“I think it’s time to file Lawsuits against these so called Representatives who take an Oath to defend America from Foreign and domestic enemies and uphold the Constitution meaning OUR RIGHTS! They represent US! We need to start suing them for not defending America and taking our rights away,” wrote one woman.

Many people took aim directly at Rubio. “Another Leftist Republican,” declared a Facebook user, with someone else adding, “I live in Florida and I’ve been wishing to rid ourselves from him. Little Marco needs to go.”

After the Parkland shooting last February, Florida passed a red-flag law that allows law enforcement to petition a court to stop dangerous people from purchasing or possessing guns. Rubio’s bill would provide federal funding to help other states implement similar laws.

“This idea has already proven successful in states like Florida, and it is my hope that this bill will get all the other states in the country to do the same thing,” Rubio said in a statement.

The bipartisan bill did not pass when it was first introduced in March.

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