Surprising drama behind the scenes of Kardashian's 'Family Feud' appearance

Who knew that when the Kardashians made their appearance on Celebrity Family Feud, the family was actually feuding. But are we really that surprised? This week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we got to see the real family feud that went down behind the scenes.

On the Celebrity Family Feud season premiere, it was the Kardashians vs. the Wests in what became the happiest moment for Kanye West that fans have ever seen. It wasn’t all smooth sailing leading up to the taping, however. Kris Jenner revealed on Sunday night’s KUWTK episode that their family was originally supposed to go up against the Hiltons, who pulled out of the show at the last minute.

When it was decided that the Wests would take their place, Kim Kardashian jumped ship to compete with Kanye against her mother and sisters. With team Kardashian short one member, Kim desperately flew out her best friend, Jonathan Cheban. But on the day of the taping, Kim’s grandmother, MJ, showed up, and Kim found herself in a dilemma when Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner argued that their grandma, not Cheban, should be on their team.

“I am so over both you two,” Khloé told Kim and Kanye in the dressing room before the show. “Jonathan should not be on our team.” Later, Khloé complained to Kris, saying, “We all think MJ should be on Family Feud. This is the Kardashians, and she wants to play. She’s saying she doesn’t ’cause she feels bad. And Kim doesn’t want to tell Jonathan, but, like, Jonathan’s not part of our family. It’s f***ing weird.” At that point, Kendall and Khloé both thought that since Kim wanted Cheban to stay on the show, Cheban should play with her on team West. However, when Kim asked Kanye to drop someone from his side of the family, Kanye was not down. “I love Jonathan. I’m not finna kick one of my family members off of TV,” Kanye told Kim. “Their first time on TV. … Jonathan get on TV all the time and stuff.”

In the end, all was resolved when host Steve Harvey stepped in, allowing the Kardashians to have a sixth member on their team, and team Kardashian had the last word when they won against die-hard Family Feud fans Kim and Kanye.

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