Kim and Khloé Kardashian hire a therapist to try to get through to Kourtney

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and Khloé were still trying to make headway with Kourtney, who has not been getting along with her sisters.

On last week’s episode, Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney got into an intense fight, which led to Kourtney saying that they are a “disgusting family” she’s “ashamed to be a part of.” That was after Kim had said that Kourtney was “the least exciting to look at.”

Kim and Khloé wanted to get to the bottom of their sisterly drama, but it seemed as if every time they tried to hash it out with Kourtney, she would pay attention to her phone rather than than them. So, they decided to bring in a professional for “sister therapy.”

Kourtney shared that she didn’t want to spend her time “around people that are mean” and “putting her down,” while Kim pointed out that Kourtney is always “anxious and insecure.” Khloé chimed in, saying, “It’s also an insecurity I’ve never seen from her before.” She also said that, though she and Kourtney have a special bond, she felt a major disconnect between them.

“I just think you guys, like, aren’t, like, happy for me,” Kourtney responded. “Like, genuinely. Like when … I’m going on a trip, like, everything to you guys — and this is what I was trying to say to you on the phone — it’s like everything is, ‘The show is more important, work is more important.’ Maybe traveling isn’t … a priority to you, but it is to me.”

It’s understandable where Kourtney is coming from, but Kim made a solid point when she said, “I definitely think Kourtney is going through something, but she can’t commit to filming a season and sharing her life if she’s not going to at all. We honestly want Kourtney to take her trips. We want Kourtney to live her life and do whatever she wants to do. But we just want her to be held accountable and be responsible that when you take a job, and you’re getting paid to do something, that you honor that. ‘Cause all of us do.”

In the end, not much was resolved as Kourtney continued to believe that her sisters aren’t listening and that her priorities are different from Kim and Khloé’s.

“I feel like my sisters really aren’t hearing what I’m saying, and that we’re focusing on the wrong issues about me being late, or my trips,” Kourtney said. “And I just don’t know … how this is gonna change moving forward.”

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