Kim Kardashian's latest obsession takes her to a mortuary

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian, who’s known for having some pretty strange obsessions, revealed that she’s fascinated by death.

I know death is such a morbid topic, but I am, like, obsessed,” Kim said. “I just want to prepare myself for when that time comes, and I also try to not make it such a morbid, scary thing.” The topic came up when Kim told her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé, that her friend had recently attended a funeral in which the deceased looked totally different because of the mortuary’s makeup work. Kim also said she’s at peace with her father Robert Kardashian’s death and wants the same thing for other people. “To remember someone not really looking like themselves, I would hate for that to be the case.”

Being the makeup queen that she is, Kim was inspired to look into the work of morticians and, like every other obsession she has had in the past, Kim took it way further than any of us would.

After recruiting her personal makeup artist and KKW Beauty business partner Mario Dedivanovic, Kim visited a real mortuary, where the two learned about the mortuary makeup process. “I’ve been dying to know the tricks of the trade and, like, what concealer morticians use,” Kim said. The hilarious moment came when Kim and Mario were taken into a room to have a chance to apply makeup to a real body and freaked out about working on a dead person!

Luckily for them, the woman was very much alive. In the end, the lucky volunteer got a Kardashian makeover, while Kim learned that she’ll be leaving mortuary makeup to the professionals. “All right, I know this is, like, way too heavy for me to ever really take on, but I’ve learned so much being here, and I’m really grateful for the experience,” Kim said. “And I’m really glad that Mario came along, ’cause now I know that when the day comes, that I’ll be in good hands.”

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