Sharon Osbourne recalls botched facelift that left her with a snarl: ‘I looked like Elvis’

Suzy Byrne
·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Sharon Osbourne’s commitment to plastic surgery remains strong, but it doesn’t mean every procedure has gone well.

The Talk co-host debuted her latest facelift last month, but in a new interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show, she said going under the knife hasn’t come without hiccups. Once, she was left with a permanent snarl, leading to her always-blunt family members saying she looked like Elvis Presley.

Sharon Osbourne recalls a plastic surgery procedure that left her looking like Elvis. (Screenshot: Kelly Clarkson Show via YouTube)
Sharon Osbourne recalls a plastic surgery procedure that left her looking like Elvis. (Screenshot: Kelly Clarkson Show via YouTube)

“I had this thing where they lifted up my mouth,” Osbourne recalled. “Then for the first week, I couldn’t feel my mouth.”

When she was eating, “I couldn’t find my mouth. It’s all numb and it was up on one side and I looked like Elvis.”

She said “the kids” — including Kelly and Jack Osbourne — as well as husband “Ozzy are going: ‘Why are you snarling at me?’ I go, ‘I’m not snarling. I’m not doing anything.’” It was simply frozen that way from the procedure.

Osbourne said she’s still actively recovering from her procedure in early August, during which she had her neck and jowls done.

“I can hardly feel my mouth now,oh to be honest with you,” Osbourne said.

While she’s had a lot of work done, Osbourne also admitted that she still gets nervous beforehand.

“I am [scared],” she said. “I am. Sure. Because you go in and you could wake up looking like Cyclops.You never know.”

In her 2013 memoir Unbreakable, Osbourne wrote in detail about the procedures she had had done, but claimed to be done with surgery.

“There's not much I haven't had tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether,” she wrote. “I don't think I'm as bad as some women — like Jocelyn 'Bride of' Wildenstein. But I won't be having any more cosmetic procedures.”

Earlier this year on The Talk, she said she got plastic surgery in the first place because, “I didn’t want to look like my mom, because I looked like my mom.”

The rift between them ran deep, Osbourne said on the show in 2017.

"I didn't like my mother at all. I think there was an underlying love, but there was no friendship, nothing at all, we didn't like each other. I think she came from a generation where everybody wanted a son. The sons were the most important things and I just felt like she had no rapport with me. She wasn't a girly mom anyway and it was all about the son. Which I get and whatever. It's not like, 'Boo for me.’ She didn't like me."

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