Rosanna Arquette reacts to seeing Harvey Weinstein spy's file on her in new documentary: 'What a piece of sh**'

It’s been well-documented that Harvey Weinstein had spies profile his accusers and critics in an effort to discredit them — and Rosanna Arquette was one of the people targeted. In a new TV special, the actress sees the investigation documents about her for the first time.

“Why would you spy on me, Harvey, unless you were worried because of what you did to me,” Arquette said after reading the paper on camera for the Investigation Discovery’s Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now documentary, which premieres Sunday.

The report said Weinstein suspected “Rosanna is involved in the campaign being waged against him by disseminating fictitious allegations about him to media sources.”

Arquette went on to call out Seth Freedman, the man who put together the report as Weinstein’s spy for the private Israeli intelligence company Black Cube.

“What a piece of sh**,” she said. “Seth Freedman is a piece of sh**.”

Rosanna Arquette shared a glimpse of her write-up on social media last month. (Screenshot: Rosanna Arquette via Instagram)
Rosanna Arquette shared a glimpse of her write-up on social media last month. (Screenshot: Rosanna Arquette via Instagram)

Arquette claimed Weinstein tried to make her touch his erect penis after summoning her to his hotel room in the ‘90s — and when she refused, he blackballed her in Hollywood.

She isn’t the only accuser featured in the documentary. Rowena Chiu — Weinstein’s former assistant who alleged that he tried to rape her at a hotel in the ‘90s — also appears on-camera, no longer silenced by a non-disclosure agreement that was in place. Additionally, Tarale Wulff and Katherine Kendall, two aspiring actresses who testified at Weinstein’s recent trial gave interviews in addition to Ambra Gutierrez, who said Weinstein groped her during a business meeting in 2015 and wore a wire to record him for an NYPD investigation.

More than 90 women have accused the former filmmaker of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault. Earlier this year, he was convicted in NYC of forcibly performing oral sex on former Project Runway assistant Mimi Haleyi and raping hairstylist Jessica Mann. Now in prison with a 23-year sentence, he also faces sexual assault charges in California.

For the doc, Freedman gives his first U.S. TV interview, revealing the “hit list” of people Weinstein wanted silenced. The London-based former spy for hire was unrepentant for his role in silencing Weinstein accusers.

“I’m not ashamed of anything I did, no,” Freedman said. “Other people want me to be ashamed of what I did but that’s a very different thing.”

Freedman said he was first approached to do work on Weinstein’s behalf in 2016 when the filmmaker thought his brother, Bob Weinstein, was trying to oust him from The Weinstein Company. His job was to investigate if “there was a plot hatching.” Freedman said he wasn’t initially told of sexual misconduct allegations, but was given a list of men and women who were allegedly smearing Weinstein’s name.

“This list gradually grew and grew to what we’ve got here which is a list of 91 names,” Freedman said. “And when it grows to 91 people, you realize this is a guy with raging paranoia.”

According to the network, the documentary also features interviews with Weinstein’s lawyers.

A spokesperson for Weinstein didn’t immediately have a comment — as Weinstein is incarcerated in Upstate New York — but we will update this story if one is provided.

Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now premieres Sunday, April 12 at 10 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

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