Rob Schneider rails against COVID-19 vaccines: 'Just say no'

Comedian Rob Schneider tweeted a series of statements against receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on Twitter, sharing that the Second Amendment should be used to defend this right. (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
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Rob Schneider doesn't want his followers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and he's citing the Second Amendment in his argument.

On Saturday, the Hot Chick star, 57, took to Twitter for a rant in which he advised his more than 938,000 followers against getting vaccinated after hearing the news that a third vaccine may be required to maintain efficacy.

"Just say no... And keep saying no... Over half of the U.S. population is continuing to say no to this unapproved experimental gene therapy! 'My body, my choice!'" Schneider tweeted, closing his statement with the hashtag "2nd Amendment is for this."

The Second Amendment is stated in the U.S. Constitution as "a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

In a series of follow-up tweets, Schneider shared more of his opinions, claiming the government has "had a two-year fear campaign and lockdown, destroyed middle class household incomes, bankrupted untold thousands of business and are now putting children's lives at risk."

He also shared a tweet discussing "the myth that vaccination protects others from getting COVID virus," and another that encouraged people to "come out of the vaccine closet."

In a final statement, Schneider shared a screenshot of a statement about bodily integrity and informed choice.

"We should never abandon our liberal principles and international stance on body autonomy, free informed choice and human rights, and support unprecedented coercion of professional health workers, patients and people to have experimental treatments with limited safety data," it read. "This and the policies that go with it are more of a danger to our society than anything we have faced during this last year."

In contrast to Schneider's statements, a February report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that roughly 50 percent of individuals experience minor side effects after getting the vaccine, such as headache and dizziness, Yahoo previously reported. The CDC clarified that the COVID-19 "vaccines are safe and they will save lives."

Schneider's statements received a massive amount of replies from followers, including 5,200 retweets, some from people who shared his sentiments. However, many Twitter users found his use of the Second Amendment to be quite unusual.

Despite the uproar, Schneider did receive some support from Hollywood, including a statement from actress Selma Blair. Blair told TMZ that while she received the vaccine, she's "fine" with Schneider's statements.

"I do have immune system problems and I do chemo on a regular basis and I still did the vaccine twice," said Blair, who lives with multiple sclerosis.

When asked how she felt as a woman about Schneider's use of the "my body, my choice" statement to refuse the vaccine, Blair said, "I'm fine with whatever people say... I don't mind what he says at all," stating that her son had a "vaccine injury" when he was very young. Still, she says that "those that can have a responsibility" to get vaccinated.

Schneider is no stranger to making his voice heard during the pandemic. Back in May, he took to Twitter to share his disgust with the restrictions that were put in place to hamper the spread of COVID-19.

Schneider has frequently criticized "cancel culture," declaring that he consciously avoids political commentary in his comedy.

"Twitter is now a screaming match. Twitter has devolved and hurt public discourse. It’s like throwing mud from one side of the fence to the other side of the fence," he told Fatherly. "This cancel culture is real and it’s continuing and I don’t want to be a part of it."

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