'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond Gushes Over Her ‘Only Grandchild’ in New Photo

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Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond is all about family, and her latest Instagram post is further proof of that.

The Pioneer Woman teased what appears to be a new project she's working on with an image from the photo shoot. Included in the snap was her "only grandchild," a golden retriever named George, who belongs to her 26-year-old daughter Alex.

"This started as a photo shoot for other things, but George took over and that’s all anyone is gonna look at," Drummond, 55, quipped in the caption of her Thursday, April 11, upload. "So please enjoy this photo of my only grandchild sitting politely and patiently in front of a platter of roasted chicken."

The Food Network star continued, joking, "My butthead country dogs could never…"

Her daughter and George's mama proudly claimed him in the comments, exclaiming, "🙋‍♀️ that’s my child!"

Fans, on the other hand, just wanted to know if she ever shared a piece of the roasted chicken with the very good boy.

"I just need to know that he got some chicken in the end," one wrote.

Someone else declared, "I hope you have that sweet baby some chicken! 😂."

"Such a good and beautiful dog," a third gushed. "I hope he got some of that chicken! 🐾🐾♥️."

"Good boy George," a different user exclaimed. "Hope he got a small morsel😋."

Others inquired about Drummond's own fur babies, who she regularly shows off on the 'gram, with one asking, "WHERE ARE THOSE BEAUTIFUL BASSETS ?????😂😂😂😂."

"I love all your dogs," another admitted. "Some have more patience than others. 😉."

Then there were those who celebrated the celebrity chef for her beauty and witty caption.

"Two beauties, Ree! 😍😍💛💛🤩🤩," one comment read.

"Butthead country dogs- made me literally lol 😆," a different Instagram user confessed.

The TV personality shares Alex, along with her four other childrenPaige, Bryce, Jamar and Todd–with her husband of 28 years, Ladd.

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