People are freaking out about Madonna's butt: 'What in the rock bottom is going on back there?'

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While you’d think people would be focusing on their New Year’s resolutions — the internet is instead buzzing about … Madonna‘s butt.

The music icon rang in the new year at the Stonewall Inn in NYC — perhaps the best-known gay historical site in the U.S. — and took the stage with her son, David Banda. A clip of them sweetly singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” — with crowd participation — was recirculated by The Shade Room, with the outlet pointing out her fuller posterior.

This is the video that got people talking:

While the caption didn’t explicitly reference butt implants or injections, it was suggested something was up with her rump with it’s “Sis been doing her squats!!!” and emoji eyes quip – and commenters ran with it. As if they were all plastic surgery experts, they offered up their takes:

“What in the fake booty hell???” one person wrote.

“Sis went to the wrong doc,” another commented.

Some made comparisons to other celebrities.

“She went to the same doctor as Kim Kardashian,” one wrote.

Another posited that Madonna “and Nicki went to the same doctor,” referencing rapper Nicki Minaj.

“I absolutely love Madonna have always been one of her biggest fans. But I can’t with the butt implants,” someone added.

Many others thought it was padding of some sort though.

“They have to be butt pads.” wrote an Instagram user. Another commenter agreed, posting, “She got on booty pad Or she’s wearing some padded undies there’s no way in hell that’s her own.”

Someone else remarked, “Look like she got a overnight pad on.” And another put, “I’m so confused! Like is it padding? Is she joking? I don’t like!”

Madonna also shared a video of herself getting ready before taking the stage:

Some people were just confused. For instance, one inquisitive Instagram commenter asked, “What in the rock bottom is going on back there?”

One person was similarly perplexed, writing, “Wtf [is] going on in her pants?” And another wanted to know, “What in the ham and biscuits is this?!”

A rep for Madonna has not yet responded to request for comment.

The superstar made the special surprise performance, with family in tow, to help the iconic venue mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. On stage, she said a lot of meaningful and important things about the gay community, for which she has long been advocating. Her speech, which you can see below, was called “inspirational” by The Advocate. And Madonna noted that she was proud about “kicking off 2019 with music and prayer” at the venue.

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