Nicki Minaj Ordered To Pay $500k In Damages Over Husband’s Alleged Assault Of Security Guard

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Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, have been ordered by a judge to pay a hefty sum for allegedly attacking a security guard in 2019 at one of the rapper's concerts.

The court order comes a year after Nicki was sued by the security guard, who accused Petty of battery and infliction of emotional distress and requested damages worth $750,000.

Nicki Minaj And Kenneth Petty Ordered To Pay $500K

Nicki Minaj and husband Kenneth Petty attend marc jacobs fashion show

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, have been ordered to pay $500,000 in settlement to a bodyguard who sued Petty last year.

The couple was sued by a former bodyguard of the rapper, who alleged that Petty assaulted him after a Nicki concert in Frankfurt, Germany, back in 2019.

The bodyguard, identified as Thomas Weidenmuller, who lives in Germany, claimed Petty punched him in the face and later sued the pair for $750,000, citing battery and infliction of emotional distress.

While Weidenmuller was not granted the precise amount he requested, the couple still has to fork out $500,000 in damages.

What Caused The Alleged Assault Incident?

Nicki Minaj Sued Over Husband's Alleged Brutal Attack On German Security Guard

Nicki and Petty were sued for assault by a bodyguard who worked for them following the singer's concert in Germany back in 2019, per The Blast.

The incident occurred after a fan bypassed a female security guard covering the stairs and got onstage, where Nicki was performing.

The fan reportedly got on stage but didn't make any attempt to touch the singer and only danced along to the music.

"The concert-goer did not cause harm to any other person, nor did he damage any property during or after his limited time on stage," the court document read. "He simply danced on stage to the music. He did not attempt to, and did not actually, make any physical contact with Minaj while on stage."

Nicki Minaj Confronted The Female Guard After The Show

Nicki Minaj Finally Gives Update On Tell-All Documentary

After the performance, the "Bang, Bang" crooner subsequently confronted the female guard for exposing her and putting her in harm's way.

Although the female guard apologized, Nicki was allegedly not satisfied and insisted on another apology as she pulled her phone out to record it. She pushed the security guard to "tell Minaj's fans, via the recording, that she failed to do her job and put Minaj in danger."

Court documents claimed that Nicki was "irate" and called the female guard a "f------ b----" and allegedly threw her shoes at the female guard but "missed" her target.

Seemingly unsatisfied, Nicki and Petty summoned Weidenmuller, the head of her security detail for the show. Weidenmuller claimed that they insulted him and accused him of being romantically involved with the female guard.

He denied the accusation and noted that Petty suddenly punched him.

"Without warning, Petty PUNCHED Weidenmuller from the side and made contact with the right side of his face," the document read, per The Blast. The bodyguard also claimed that he was hospitalized for ten days due to a broken jaw he suffered from the collision.

The Rapper Appeared To Yell At Her Hair Girl During A Concert

Nicki Minaj Finally Gives Update On Tell-All Documentary

The recent court order comes after a report claimed that the "Anaconda" hitmaker seemed to have been embroiled in a behind-the-scenes controversy with someone on her team or the production team.

A video that went viral online showed Nicki getting into a heated exchange with a woman who appeared to be trying to adjust her hair.

The rapper was seen fully frustrated with the lady before her boss sidestepped her to dissuade the situation and help the rapper get back on stage.

Some fans took to social media to note that Nicki was a little too dramatic and seemingly overreacted, while others stepped in to defend her.

Nicki Minaj Shares Hilarious Moment With A Fan Amid Her Tour

During a recent concert, the rapper had a lighthearted and fun exchange with a fan while performing her hit song, "The Night Is Still Young."

Amid her performance, Nicki decided to interact with a fan by giving them the mic to join and help her sing the chorus of the popular song.

However, the fan was unable to perform the song properly as she was completely off-key, causing Nicki to demand the mic back in a very hilarious way.

The fan gushed about the moment online, writing, "nicki handed me her f----- MICCCC LIKE OMFG."

Nicki eventually reacted to the funny moment. She said on X (formerly Twitter): "They so lucky I can't sing either chi. I would take the mic & [really] show them something."