Morgan Freeman Shows GPS Generation How to Use a Map in 'Going In Style' Promo Clip


In the upcoming senior-citizen heist comedy Going In Style, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin star as a retired trio who decide to take matters into their own hands when banks obliterate their pensions — by robbing those very same financial institutions to get their money back. In keeping with his character’s old-school ways, Freeman has some words of advice for today’s new-school viewers in a clip (watch it above), debuting exclusively at Yahoo Movies.

Freeman explains to those among us who can’t make a move without their smartphones that all is not lost if they need to figure out how to get to a particular destination, but, say, their device has gone dead with no charger in sight. If separated from your turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps, the answer, of course, is an archaic product called a map. How do you use it? As the Oscar-winning actor makes clear, it’s as easy as unfolding one, finding the spot you’re going to, and then plotting a course.

So long as you can read, Freeman’s advice is sage, and should come in handy for those struggling to determine just how they might get somewhere — like, say, a movie theater showing Going in Style, which was directed by actor-turned-director Zach Braff. The film — a remake of the 1979 casino-robbery hit starring George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg — sneaks into theaters on April 7.

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