Meghan McCain calls out Trump for thanking Russians in Baghdadi raid: 'You thank our troops and the flag and America first'

Meghan McCain called out President Donald Trump on Monday’s episode of “The View” after he thanked Russia for their help in a recent mission that took down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi before thanking U.S. troops. Trump also thanked Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Syrian Kurds for their support.

“It is weird to thank Russia before in the line of when he thanked versus our troops, our special forces, the men and women in the military, the badasses who brought this freedom home for us,” said McCain. “You thank our troops and the flag and America first. Period,” she added.

“This president does not feel the support of the country the way you would expect... because many people do not feel that he puts this country first,” said co-host Sunny Hostin prompting fellow panelist Abby Huntsman to counter Hostin’s argument with one of her own.

“You didn’t put Russia in context, Sunny. You said he thanked Russia before he thanked our own leaders, but the reality is that this is the most dangerous mission that our military men and women can do,” said Huntsman. “He thanked Syria and Turkey for their help because we couldn’t have done it without their help,” she added.

Viewers on Twitter were also split on the topic, with many saying McCain was right and that President Trump should have thanked the Americans who helped before he thanked Russia and others:

Others disagreed and said Trump did nothing wrong:

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