'Morning Joe' host Joe Scarborough slams Trump: 'He is not mentally fit to be president'

Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough slammed President Donald Trump on Thursday, saying he is “not emotionally fit to be President.”

The former congressman also took Republicans to task for not taking action against the president, saying “what every Republican on Capitol Hill knows: Donald Trump is not well.” He added, “He’s not mentally fit to be President of the United States right now and you know it.

Scarborough said Trump’s recent withdrawal of support for Kurdish allies on the Syrian border could have dire consequences for those in the region. “There are allies that sacrificed their lives, their everything for us who are on the run this morning, who are bleeding out, who are dying because Donald Trump decided on a whim to release them,” Scarborough said. “It just keeps getting worse, and the consequences are growing grimmer by the day,” he added.

The MSNBC host didn’t hold back from placing blame firmly on Republicans who continue to support Trump for whatever happens as a result of the president’s decisions. “Any Republican that keeps Donald Trump in office, every Republican that allows him to remain commander-in-chief — they, like Donald Trump, own the resurgence of ISIS. They, like Donald Trump, own the collapse of long-time alliances,” said Scarborough.

Viewers took to Twitter to react to Scarborough’s scathing criticism of both the President and the Republican party, with many saying they agreed with Scarborough:

Others disagreed and wrote that Scarborough was off-base with his assessment:

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