Lego Builds a Giant 'Last Jedi' Luke Skywalker to Wow 'Star Wars' Fans at Comic-Con

The last Jedi is getting the Lego treatment.

The brickmeisters have emptied their bins and constructed this massive, life-size version of Luke Skywalker in his Jedi finery, as seen in the closing moments of Star Wars: The Force Awakens — and at the beginning of this December’s The Last Jedi — to dazzle visitors of San Diego Comic-Con.

Technically, Lego Luke is larger than life. The model, complete with robotic hand, stands over 6 feet tall; Mark Hamill tops out at 5-foot-9.

Lego’s “Master Builders” spent 277 hours designing and assembling this statue, using a whopping 36,743 bricks in the process. Luke is one of several giant figures populating the Lego booth at Comic-Con, which runs Thursday through Sunday.

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