Lady Gaga takes a nasty tumble off the stage while embracing a fan

Lady Gaga took a big fall from the stage last night.

While performing during her Enigma residency in Las Vegas on Thursday, Gaga and a fan she had invited on the stage accidentally stumbled and both fell to the ground. The shocking moment was captured on video and there were gasps and screams from concert-goers as the petite songstress tumbled to the floor.

However, it was on with the show for the performer as she got back up on the stage — well, after she could find the stairs. All the while she was reassuring the audience that everything was “OK” and telling the fan that it wasn’t his fault.

The fan joined her on stage post-fall at her piano where they talked some more about it. Protective of her Monsters, Gaga warned “the internet” not to be “mean” to him over it or she would “be very upset with each and every one of you.” She added, “It’s complicated being up here [on stage].”

She went on to compare their tumble to 1997’s Titanic. “We fell into each other’s arms like Rose and Jack,” Gaga said.

Someone claiming to be the person who fell with Gaga — going by the name Jack — took to social media Friday to clear up what happened. He said that he didn’t pick up the star nor did he drop her, as many onlookers claimed. He said that she invited him to the stage — after reading a letter he wrote her — and as he climbed up, his sneakers were wet from the spot where he had been standing. She jumped on him, leading him to slide in his wet shoes, slipping right off the stage. He added that he did everything in his power to take the “brunt of the fall.”

He added that after the show, Gaga sent her security team to find him and they brought him backstage to talk to her.

He said it was all just an accident.

A rep for the singer has not yet responded to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment about the incident, but the star made sure to give herself top-notch post-show TLC. Gaga shared photos from her ice bath, hot bath compression treatment.

Gaga does have a history of hip trouble. In 2013, she had surgery to fix a labral tear but it turned out to be a huge fracture. "The surgeon told me that if I had done another show I might have needed a full hip replacement,” she said at the time.

The singer’s residency is scheduled to continue through May 16.

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