Ladies, Let Sofia Vergara Teach You How to Get on a Pool Float in 4 Easy Steps

Suzy Byrne
·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Sofia Vergara waves, aboard a giant flamingo-shaped pool float.
Ta da! Sofia Vergara climbs aboard her giant pool float — in a dress — and doesn’t get wet or flash the world. (GIF: Sofia Vergara via Instagram)

If you ever need to climb aboard a gigantic pool float — while fully dressed and presumably just for the photo op — let Sofia Vergara show you how it’s done.

The Modern Family star, 44, is feeling those summer vibes in L.A., so yesterday she climbed right back up on that horse flamingo — like last year. “Girls… this is how u graciously get on your pool bird,” she wrote on Instagram with the hashtag “#gettingreadyforsummer.” Let’s look at her moves.

Sofia Vergara crouches at the edge of the pool, feet on dry land, hands on float.
Sofia boards her flamingo float. (Photo: Sofia Vergara via Instagram)

First, you get your pool boy (or your Magic Mike XXL star husband, Joe Manganiello, if he’s home) to bring the float to the side of the pool for you. If neither is available, lean over and grab it yourself.

Sofia Vergara kneels unsteadily on the float.
Sofia is a little unsteady on her flamingo float. (Photo: Sofia Vergara via Instagram)

Next, you just jump on that sucker — knees down. Feel free to cling onto the bird neck for dear life. Wave to your supercool rubber ducky as you pass by.

Sofia, nearly prostrated, holds onto the flamingo float for dear life.
Sofia holds onto the flamingo float for dear life. (Photo: Sofia Vergara via Instagram)

Try to look cute. Oh, who are you kidding — hold on for dear life and say a little prayer to the God of Pastries (to whom you are devoted) for help surviving the terrifying near-wet experience.

Sofia Vergara enjoys a photo op on her flamingo float, but blinks.
Sofia enjoys a photo op on her flamingo float, but blinks. (Photo: Sofia Vergara via Instagram)

Get positioned and look fabulous — then accidentally close your eyes when the photog takes your picture because of course that happened.

Finally, make the person who’s following you around taking your picture snap another one (boomerang!) because you just spent so much time doing that and you gotta get it right.

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And that’s a wrap … until you get another fun/silly/fabulous idea:

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