Kristin Cavallari speaks out after Madison LeCroy, Jay Cutler drama: 'It is the weirdest situation'

Kristin Cavallari and Southern Charm star, Austen Kroll, set the record straight about Madison LeCroy and Jay Cutler drama.
Kristin Cavallari and Southern Charm star Austen Kroll set the record straight about Madison LeCroy and Jay Cutler drama. (Photo: Getty Images)

Kristin Cavallari would like to be excluded from this narrative. The Hills alum, 34, was a guest on Tuesday’s Pillows and Beer podcast, hosted by Southern Charm stars Austen Kroll and Craig Conover, as she wanted to “clear up some rumors.” The Uncommon James founder has been entangled in drama with some of the cast from the Bravo show in recent weeks.

To recap: Cavallari and Kroll were romantically linked by the internet late last year. She denied dating rumors. Soon after, their exes, Jay Cutler and Madison LeCroy, sparked rumors of their own. The hairstylist seemingly confirmed the short-lived fling a few weeks ago, was accused of mom-shaming Cavallari and social media exploded.

Cavallari said her relationship with Kroll and the boys of Southern Charm, whom she met through BFF Justin Anderson, has always been innocent.

“It was never flirty,” Cavallari explained on the podcast. “No one hooked up with anyone. Nothing ever happened. We had a really good time. And it turned into a s***storm! What happened?!”

Conover and Kroll pointed fingers at LeCroy for that s***storm.

“I’ve named her scorpion. Scorpion happened,” Conover said of Kroll’s on and off ex-flame. “She got involved and I think if she never got involved we would have just continued being friends.”

Apparently, Kroll and Cavallari’s friendship took a hit and he blamed their “jealous” exes.

“Basically Kristin, you and I texted each other and we were like, ‘It sucks that our exes are so jealous that they try to torpedo our friendship.’ Like, so ridiculous,” he added. “They didn’t have to overreact, they didn't have to do any of that. The fact that their jealously affected our friendship is ridiculous.”

“It is the weirdest situation I have ever been a part of,” Cavallari added. “That I can one hundred percent say. And the fact that it’s still going on to some degree? I — it really has nothing to do with me.”

Although LeCroy “dropped receipts” of an apparent fling with Cutler, he and Cavallari — who have been broken up for nearly a year — presented a united front amid the drama. The reality star said she’s trying to stay lighthearted about the whole thing.

“Honestly, I’ve been for the most part laughing at this situation. And again, most of it has nothing to do with any of us here. It is what it is. I love you guys,” she shared. “I’m really happy I came on and we could clear this up and let's just keep moving forward.”

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