Kimmel makes a mockery of Trump's presidency with star-studded 'halftime' show

Jimmy Kimmel marked the midway point of Donald Trump’s presidency on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night by dedicating the entire episode to him. The show was titled “Intermission Accomplished: A Halftime Tribute to Trump.”

“We are here to celebrate the midway mark of Donald Trump’s first term in office because, let’s be honest, this is a man who is far too humble to celebrate himself,” Kimmel said.

Celebrities joined Kimmel to pay their respects, including Josh Gad, who dressed up as Ken Bone, a man who went viral during the second U.S. presidential debate in 2016. “I owe Trump everything, don’t I, Jimmy? I’m a celebrity now. People recognize me on the street. They buy me sweaters,” said Gad, who was wearing a red sweater emblazoned with Trump’s slogan, “MAGA.”

Fred Armisen, Bobby Moynihan, Jeff Ross and Anthony Atamanuik also made an appearance. The comedians brought Mount Rushmore to life, with Atamanuik portraying Trump’s head, complete with a spray-painted 24-karat-gold face. “I’m the 45th and best president of the United States, Donald Jesus Trump,” he proclaimed. When Kimmel, who was playing Abraham Lincoln, asked Atamanuik’s Trump what he had accomplished, the response was, “I’ve been making a bunch of federal employees work for free for 31 days.”

Paul Scheer and Will Arnett later made cameos as Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., who were in Africa to find “the perfect gift for President Dad,” followed by Alyssa Milano, who starred in an infomercial for “Trump’s greatest moments in office commemorative plates.”

The tribute also featured musical performances. Grammy nominee Leon Bridges sang some of Trump’s most memorable tweets, while Aloe Blacc performed what Kimmel called “our new national anthem.” But the best performance of the night came from a musical group called “Up With Trump,” who were dressed in blue-sequined suits and blonde wigs, while singing “Mister Tan Man, send me a tweet, from your official White House toilet seat,” and “Tan Man, retweet a meme about an alt-right conspiracy theme. Fox News coverage is guaranteed, Mister Tan Man, send me a tweet!”

The episode ended with Kimmel sending a message to Trump, stating, “Congratulations, Mr. President. Here’s to another long and calamitous two years. Thanks for the memories.”

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