Jimmy Fallon lives his best life in Puerto Rico with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Jimmy Fallon took The Tonight Show to Puerto Rico to visit his good friend Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is currently there staging the Tony Award-winning Hamilton for three weeks to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Fallon got to suit up as Hamilton while changing the lyrics of “The Story of Tonight” to “We’ve got a killer show tonight, in Puerto Rico for tonight.” He also got to sit with Miranda, who talked about getting emotional when it came time to sing “Hurricane” at the show’s dress rehearsal. “I could barely get through it last night, because … what I remember from Hurricane Maria so vividly was the quiet,” Miranda told Fallon. “It was … literally not being able to hear from the island in that sort of immediate aftermath. And the opening line of that song is, ‘In the eye of the hurricane there is quiet.’ And so it sort of brought all that back.”

Fallon also explored Puerto Rico with the Roots, and they just happened to run into Puerto Rican Latin trap singer Bad Bunny, which led to a performance of his current hit, “Mia,” on the streets of San Juan. The result was a single continuous shot of a flash-mob-style music video that included local dancers and performers.

Prior to Tuesday night’s episode, Miranda tweeted:

We’re so happy Fallon did, because he helped bring even more awareness to the island and was living his best life while doing so.

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