'Jurassic World' Gets Lego-fied

Marcus Errico
·Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment

You saw the teaser. You saw the Super Bowl spot. Now behold the latest Jurassic World clip… in its goofy Lego glory.

The Danish toymaker is going all in on the dino sequel. By the time the movie is out on June 12, Lego will have unleashed a half-dozen Jurassic World toy sets along with the video game teased above.

Lego Jurassic World encompasses all four Jurassic Park movies and will be available on most major platforms. The Jurassic World level allows you to create custom dinosaurs (like the Indominus rex Chris Pratt & Co. tangle with in the new trailer) and play as either human or beast.


Indominus rex wreaks havoc in Jurassic World

Pratt, meanwhile, is about to join the shortlist of actors to be immortalized in Lego minifigure form for multiple movies. Last year, his Star-Lord got the brick treatment in Guardians of the Galaxy sets. This year, it will be his raptor-taming Owen from Jurassic World, who will be included in several of the new Lego collections. (And we’re not even counting his voice role as Emmet in The Lego Movie.)


French ad for Lego Jurassic World toys

Lego hasn’t released images of the six Jurassic World sets coming in May. But, when they are likely unveiled at New York Toy Fair later this month, we expect the new brickosaurs to bear a resemblance to the discontinued Lego Dino and Lego Dino Attack sets of yesteryear.

Meantime, let’s just enjoy this not-so-terrifying T.rex.