Jenna Jameson discharged from hospital amid health issues: 'Still in a wheelchair'

Jenna Jameson shares health update as she leaves the hospital.
Jenna Jameson shares health update as she leaves the hospital. (Photo: Getty Images/Jenna Jameson via Instagram)
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Jenna Jameson is home and "resting" after spending nearly two months in the hospital. The 47-year-old posted a health update on Tuesday, revealing she still can't walk and doctors are unsure exactly what's going on.

"I still have more testing to do but it seems there's something off with my femoral nerve, and it's affecting my strength in my legs," the former adult film star shared on social media.

The femoral nerve is located in the pelvis and goes down the front of the leg. Femoral nerve dysfunction is a loss of movement or sensation in parts of the legs due to damage of the nerve. There are various disorders that could cause femoral nerve dysfunction.

"So I am still in a wheelchair, unfortunately, but I hope to be out of the wheelchair soon and walking," Jameson added on her Instagram story. "So say a little prayer."

Jameson shared a video of her legs showing she still has movement, but noted her quad strength is "really weak." She explained she has some atrophy. but told fans not to get "too alarmed" by her skinny legs and joked that they've always been "ultra skinny." Atrophy is decrease in size or wasting away of a body part or tissue.

Jameson was hospitalized in early January after vomiting and feeling sick for weeks. She also lost her ability to walk. Nothing popped up on CT scans, she explained, and doctors ran a multitude of tests.

It was initially suspected she had Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a rare autoimmune disorder where a person's own immune system damages their nerves. She received intravenous immunoglobulin therapy while in the hospital, but her condition didn't improve. Lior Bitton, Jameson's partner and father of daughter Batel, told fans last month GBS was a misdiagnosis.

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