James Gunn Gets Blunt About Why Superman’s Full Suit For Legacy Hasn’t Been Revealed Yet

 Superman in front of Daily Planet building on Action Comics #1000 cover.
Superman in front of Daily Planet building on Action Comics #1000 cover.

We’re well over a year from the first big screen entry in James Gunn’s new DCU. People are excited now that production is underway, but of course, fans are having trouble waiting. While we’ve been teased with the new Superman suit, with one image appearing to show the iconic S logo, many fans were hoping to see more, but James Gunn is making it very clear that we’ll have to wait.

In response to a fan on Threads who is having trouble with the “torture” of not seeing the completely new Superman costume, James Gunn was brutally honest that the reason we have yet to see the complete look of the new Man of Steel is that it’s a long time between now and the film’s release, and some things just have to wait. Why must we wait? Gunn said simply…

Because the movie doesn’t come out for over a year.

With production on Superman now underway the possibility for a lot of potential new information certainly exists where it didn’t before. However, as James Gunn says, it’s going to be a while before we see the finished film, and if Warner Bros. and DC released everything it was planning to release as soon as it could, we’d end up with a lot of news now, and then probably nothing for a year, which is no way to market a movie.

These things are all meticulously planned. There’s a decent chance that, if there are plans to reveal the full Superman suit before the first trailer for the movie, the approximate time to do that has already been discussed and tentatively agreed on. Movies like this have massive marketing plans and everything has its place. James Gunn is likely only one voice in making those decisions in the first place.

With the Superman release date not until July of 2025, there’s a lot of time between now and then, and we can expect to have new details and images drip-fed to us. There’s also the rest of the DCU Chapter 1 to consider. While Superman is the first theatrical film in the newly rebooted cinematic universe, there are several upcoming DC movies and other projects as well. The promotion of all these different elements needs to be balanced as nobody wants a piece of marketing for one to cause another to be overlooked. Entertainment is a business after all, something James Gun has shown he understands better than some.

Fans hoping to see a full Superman costume are going to have to wait. It’s entirely possible we won’t see it until the first trailer, which we may not even see until early next year. That’s not to say that we won’t get new details about the new Superman movie before then, but unless there are true leaks we won’t see anything before the studio wants us to see it.