Heidi Klum won't budge after pressure from 'AGT' crowd, host, and judges to change her mind

Kyle Moss

On Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent, the live shows were in full swing and the judges were setting the stakes high. Like they did by giving multiple X’s to Yumbo Dump, the Japanese duo whose routine consists of making noises with various body parts. After their ridiculous closing demonstration of “a dolphin love story,” judges Simon Cowell and Mel B took back their X’s. That left Heidi Klum alone. Very alone.

After learning that Klum wasn’t planning to retracts her X, host Tyra Banks began to chant her name and egged on the crowd to do the same. Klum eventually — and a little angrily — yelled, “Stop it!”

Tensions among the judges were high all night. Cowell even X’d Mel B’s opinion at one point. So it’s no surprise that even after Banks and the audience finally let up, Klum’s fellow judges did not.

With Cowell repeatedly demanding “Take it back,” and Howie Mandel saying things like, “You don’t care about our Earth,” Klum repeated her request for people to “Stop it!”

Klum eventually said she didn’t think the duo had stepped up, but even that sentiment was met with more resistance from Mel B.

“The dolphins, Heidi, the dolphins!”

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