Dr. Dre and Eminem's Magical First Meeting Will Give You Goosebumps

It’s been almost two decades since Eminem wowed the rap world with his talent. In a new clip from the HBO documentary series The Defiant Ones, Dr. Dre and Em are talking about how they changed hip-hop history.

Both recalled the first time they met at the office of Interscope Records. “Eminem comes in this bright yellow f***ing sweatsuit — hoodie, pants, everything. It’s bright f***ing yellow, and I’m like, ‘Wow,’ Dre said.

Eminem remembers meeting his idol as a momentous occasion. He said, “I’m looking at Dre like, ‘Dude, I see you on TV all the time.’ You’re one of my biggest influences ever, in my life.”

Dr. Dre was impressed with the young battle rapper from Detroit, so he invited Em to his home studio to record. But neither of them knew that they had a hit on their hands.

“I was like ‘Man, listen. I put this sample together. Tell me if you like it.’ And I hit the drum machine, and maybe two or three seconds went by and he just went, ‘Hi, My name is … My name is,’ Dre said.

Immediately Dr. Dre recognized they had stumbled on something magical. He said, “That’s what happened our first day, in the first few minutes of us being in the studio.”

“My Name Is” was released in January 1999 and earned Eminem his first Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance.

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