Dominik Mysterio on Eddie Guerrero’s Role in His Wrestling Career

Eddie Guerrero and Dominik Mysterio
Photo Credit: WWE
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Former WWE NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio recently shared his thoughts on Eddie Guerrero’s influence on him. Dominik Mysterio first appeared on WWE screens in 2019, after 2009, when he and his father, Rey Mysterio, were attacked by Brock Lesnar.

Subsequently, during the pandemic, Dominik transitioned to the main roster as a WWE superstar. He even achieved the WWE Tag Team Championship alongside Rey Mysterio. However, in 2022, he made a significant change in his character by deciding to turn heel, attacking his father, and joining the Judgement Day faction. Following Dominik’s heel turn, his work has garnered praise from fans and wrestling veterans.

Dominik Mysterio, who was involved in the infamous 2005 storyline with his father, Rey Mysterio and the late Eddie Guerrero, recently shared how working with Eddie Guerrero contributed to his professional wrestling career.

During an interview with CBS Sports, Dominik Mysterio mentioned that Eddie Guerrero planted the seeds that led him to become a pro wrestler. He stated, “Not everyone can say they worked with Eddie. I hear people say, ‘My dream match would be Eddie Guerrero.’ S**t, mine too. Looking back, just sharing the ring with him, it’s an honor. Eddie helped plant the seed in 2005 that this was what I was going to do. ‘I’m very blessed to have known him, and I am always grateful to keep his memory alive.”

How Dominik Mysterio is honoring Eddie Guerrero through his heel turn

WWE Superstar Dominik Mysterio has spoken about how Eddie Guerrero helped him in his career, while Mysterio has also given his flowers to the WWE Hall of Famer. He is even doing everything in his WWE career to honor Eddie Guerrero. Since turning heel, Dominik Mysterio began his on-screen relationship with Rhea Ripley, reminiscent of Eddie Guerrero and Chyna’s on-screen romance.

He pays tribute through storyline elements and by incorporating Guerrero’s signature moves like the frog splash and three amigos. Mysterio has also grown a hairstyle similar to Guerrero’s 1990s look.

While Dominik Mysterio is playing the role of an antagonist on-screen, he is making sure to pay respect to the legends of the business who influenced him in his career.

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