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Attention, Hollywood: Idris Elba Wants to Be in a 'Magic Mike' Movie

Howard Stern may be the King of All Media, but we’re ready to declare Idris Elba the King of All Movie Universes. The British actor is already part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thor), the Pixar-verse (Finding Dory), the Alien-verse (Prometheus) and the Kelvin timeline version of the Star Trek universe (Star Trek: Beyond). And with his latest film, The Dark Tower, he’s joining the Stephen King Universe. Adapted from the author’s beloved eight-book series, the film places Elba’s heroic gunslinger, Roland, and Matthew McConaughey‘s villainous Man in Black at the center of a world with tendrils that extend to other beloved King books like The Shining, IT, and The Stand.

So which movie universe is Elba going to conquer next? The Magic Mike-verse , of course! Chatting with Yahoo Movies, the actor explained that he’s eager to flex his muscles in a sequel to the 2012 striptease hit, and its 2015 follow-up, Magic Mike XXL. “I would play the older stripper that comes back and has still got it,” Elba says with a laugh. Speaking for all of us, McConaughey is eager to make it happen, touting Elba’s recent “Rear of the Year” award victory. “Believe me, Channing Tatum is out there right now going ‘Get the pen out!'” We’re buying our tickets…now.

‘The Dark Tower’ opens on Friday, August 4. Watch a trailer below:

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