Christine Quinn Accuses ‘Malicious’ Ex-Christian of Child Abuse, Demands Full Custody

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard posing cheek to cheek in front a blue background
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From dog poop to fake heart attacks and unpaid medical bills, this new court filing from Christine Quinn has it all. The Selling Sunset star and her estranged husband, Christian Richard, are battling it out in divorce court, and it’s uglier than anyone could have predicted.

The drama all started when Christian was arrested for domestic violence. He allegedly threw a bag with a glass bottle in it. Although he was aiming for Christine, the cops said that he accidentally hit their toddler, who had to be taken to the hospital. Since then, Christine claimed that this incident was just the latest incident in a toxic, nightmare of a marriage. He claimed it was the other way around and filed for divorce.

Page Six got the details on Christine’s latest court filing, where she laid out even more claims against Christian. She alleged that Christian committed acts of domestic violence against both her and her son. She also requested full custody.

Devastating allegations from Christine

Let’s start from the beginning. Some of Christine’s allegations date back to the birth of their son. Christian was supposed to pay the nearly $100,000 medical bill related to his birth. That hasn’t happened, and Christine said that the bills were sent to collections. it’s impacted her credit, so in the court filing, she demanded for him to pay what was owed.

In addition to the domestic violence claims from last month, Christine alleged that her ex has a pattern of abuse. She said that Christian threw dog poop at her, and in a previous court filing, she claimed he faked a drug overdose. In the latest court docs, she shared that both she and her 2-year-old were subjected to abuse.

Although they both filed for temporary restraining orders against each other, Christine claimed that Christian has been going to great lengths to contact her and monitor her activity. At one point, he allegedly asked her to call him. He said his mother had just had a heart attack. According to Christine, none of that was true, and his mother didn’t even have a heart attack.

“She did not suffer a heart attack,” Christine claimed. “This attempt to exploit a family member’s false medical condition is yet another attempt by Christian to manipulate me, my attorneys, and even his own attorneys.

The pending restraining order

More recently, a court granted Christine with a temporary restraining order against her ex. That allowed her exclusive access to their marital home, but it hasn’t gone smoothly. Allegedly, Christian changed the locks on the house to try to keep her out of it.

“He has maliciously denied me access to my home, which contains all of my personal belongings and all of our son’s food and belongings,” Christine claimed. “He has locked me and our 2-year-old son out of our house in violation of both orders.”

With all of these allegations in mind, Christine has demanded full legal and physical custody of their little one. She also asked the courts to restrict Christian from any visits. In the meantime, both parties are waiting on a hearing this week to determine if Christine’s temporary restraining order can become permanent.


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