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Juice up your gadgets quickly with these top-selling power banks, on sale for just $8 a pop — save over 45%

Loveledi's popular portable power bank can charge your devices in a flash, even when you're nowhere near an outlet. Universally compatible, it works with just about any gadget, including Apple and Android phones and tablets. Right now, this pocket-size savior has dropped to an electrifyingly low price at Amazon.

These speedy, universally compatible power banks will charge your phones, tablets and more.

Save $14 with coupon and Prime
$16 at Amazon

You can get two of these chargers for this price. That's just ridiculous — $8 apiece! That's over 45% off. You'd pay $20 or more for a single power bank from brands like Anker or Iniu, which makes snagging this deal a no-brainer.

Each Loveledi power bank packs a lot of juice into its half-inch-thick frame. The battery provides about four or five full charges for your iPhone. (The Pro series of certain iPhones has larger batteries and may get only three charges.) Considering there are two chargers in this pack — and considering how small they are — you could carry over a week's worth of battery life in your pocket.

The power banks include a sensor that automatically detects the voltage and amp requirements of a connected device. That means you never have to worry about damaging your phone by overcharging. They'll fit easily in your carry-on bag, and they'll keep your phone charged no matter how many movies you want to watch while you're in the air.

One black and one white power bank
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More than 13,000 Amazon reviewers give these convenient power banks a perfect five-star rating.

Fans have a lot to say about the charge capacity on these power banks. "Amazing battery life," confirmed a shopper. "I have used it several times over the past week with only one full charge. I haven't charged it yet! I got the two-pack deal and gave one to my mother as a gift." Another shared, "Charged my AirPods, phone and watch on one for almost two days."

Portability is another major selling point. "I can't be stuck at a charging station. I need to move around a lot. This has changed my life!" said one busy reviewer.

"The only downside is how long they take to charge," another reviewer said. "Otherwise, I love using these portable chargers. They are so handy for all occasions. They are thin and able to fit in just about every purse I use." Another shopper commented on the weight, warning that they can feel a bit bulky. "The only downside is that they are a little heavy."

These batteries will automatically detect voltage and amp requirements for your connected devices.

Save $14 with coupon and Prime
$16 at Amazon

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