'The Bachelorette': Chris Harrison Blogs Episode 7

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Well Bachelor Nation, it’s been another exciting week. Clearly this season has been different from any other season we’ve ever had. Kaitlyn definitely has handled things in her own way, and even though it’s a little different from the usual, I have to say it’s quite refreshing. This isn’t the first time we have changed things around dramatically, but it’s clear that with a different Bachelorette, we needed a different way to go about things.

Kaitlyn obviously let her emotions get the best of her a couple of times so far, and that’s not always a bad thing. Part of falling in love can be letting go of what your brain tells you and just following your heart. It’s fun and it’s exciting, but when you’re dating a whole bunch of men at once, you run the risk of further complicating things.

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And as we can see, with Shawn that’s exactly what’s happened. None of us were there when they had their time alone in San Antonio, but the conversations they had obviously gave Shawn a deadly combination of confidence and insecurity. And who can blame him? When someone you are falling in love with spends time with someone else, how can you not just about lose your mind?


Anyway, you’ll see that this gets even more intense next week when Kaitlyn is open and honest about her relationship with Nick. Shawn’s love of Kaitlyn and strong disdain for Nick really come to a head — this feud is nowhere near over.

Ah, the two-on-one date. One of the weirdest and most awkward dates anyone in the world can ever go on. Joe may seem quiet, but let me tell you, he was probably the most well liked guy amongst the guys. He’s a real jokester with a very dry sense of humor. JJ also started to grow on the guys at this point, so the two-on-one date had a particular weight. This date was Joe’s first time on a train, which took them to their destination. It was a day of firsts for everyone, including JJ, who was sent home on a two-on-one for the first time (and hopefully his last). I must commend JJ for being open and honest about his past. Good relationships are built on trust, so I think he was wise to put his past on the table. It didn’t work out with Kaitlyn, but I’m quite sure that wasn’t why.


The cocktail party was in a beautiful old castle in Fingal, Ireland. It’s called Luttrellstown. (I’m told its where Beckham and that Spice Girl got married.) The staff there made the best desserts I’ve ever had in my life. But while my life was sweet, that night, Kaitlyn once again found herself working herself out of the hole she had accidentally dug for herself. Thankfully, at the top of the hole was Ben H., who is one of the sweetest fellows in the world. I don’t think this man can hold a grudge. He’s just too good.

We also had to say goodbye to Ben Z. From the first day of this season Ben Z. has been a clear favorite, both of ours and of Kaitlyn’s. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the fire between him and Kaitlyn ran out of fuel. Watching him leave was painful, but he was a great sport every single day and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

After a long week (seems like two!) in Dublin, we were all ready to go see the Irish countryside. Killarney is one of the greenest and most beautiful places I’ve seen, with some pretty epic golf courses to boot. The guys were more than a little peeved to see Kaitlyn take Jared for a road trip while they took the Paddywagon cross country. I’m sure you can imagine Nick and Shawn were excited for a five hour bus ride together!


Jared has been such a consistent guy with Kaitlyn and their relationship seems to grow and grow. From nearly getting his lights knocked out on the boxing date to kissing the Blarney Stone — and the girl — he’s sure come a long way.

And last but not least, with all the drama between some of the guys, guys like Chris, who we’ve affectionately dubbed “Cupcake,” have been pretty quiet. Until now. Flying a helicopter around the cliffs of Moher is a bucket list experience you need to add to yours. Saying goodbye to love while standing at the edge of those cliffs is less advised, but Chris had to do that very thing. It was really hard to see him get so hurt; he’s such a sweet soul, so seeing him cry was tough. We have a sweet tooth for him though, and we know he’ll find a woman with a great smile who is ready to receive his love.

With all these complications and changes, it was really important for us to tailor this experience to Kaitlyn and her needs. We thought four hometown dates seemed a little premature, and she agreed. It’s the first time we’ve made such a drastic change, but we really think it’s going to make a difference for Kaitlyn and her guys. But that means even more guys will be going home next week, and things are about to get even crazier.

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