'Bachelor in Paradise': Chris Harrison Blogs Week 2


Every week, I think things are going to calm down in Paradise, and every week they just get crazier and crazier. As you saw, this week ended with all of us waiting to see what Clare is going to do. One of the best parts of having episodes on Sunday and Monday is getting to see what happens one day earlier. Before we get to that, let’s talk about what everyone in Bachelor Nation is talking about:


On Kaitlyn’s season, Joe was one of the most likable guys. Everyone thought he was humble, hilarious, and warm, but from the moment he walked into Paradise, something was off. None of us could figure out exactly what was going on, but we all just chalked it up to nerves. It can be pretty intimidating walking into that group of people, and acting a little weird, well, that’s just not all that weird.


But things quickly took a turn and it’s starting to become clear that Joe may have had a plan coming into this that no one knew about. First, we saw him say very different things in front of Juelia and behind her back, and then we saw Joe go after Mikey and Jonathan — to a point where he made Jonathan cry. Let me tell you, at this point, it feels like Joe is turning into one of the most deceptive players to hit the beach on Paradise. Next week, things are really going to get complicated when Samantha arrives, and I can’t wait to hear how Joe explains his way out of all of this.

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Tenley, as you saw, has basically become the Bachelorette this week. I can’t say I’m surprised because Tenley really is so great; I’m also impressed, in many ways, by the willingness of JJ, Joshua, and Michael to just admit what they want and go after it. At the end of the day, Tenley did make her decision and now it’s time to see if she made the right one.

And of course, how can we go any further without discussing Mikey T., Jared, Clare, and Ashley I.? Let’s break it down. Ashley I. is basically in love with Jared. Jared wants to be open and take it slow. Mikey T. is basically in love with Clare. Clare wants to be open and take it slow. So in some ways, Jared and Clare seem pretty perfect together, but it’s obviously just not working out. Based on all this, Mikey T. and Ashley I. would be perfect for each other too, but they don’t like each other either. Just goes to show you, it’s all about feeling and gut and chemistry. Seeing Jared finally plant a kiss on Ashley I. threw everything in disarray. She finally stopped cry-laughing!

Now Clare has a huge decision to make, Mikey T. probably wishes he had kept his temper tantrum to himself, and we are all waiting to see if Clare is going to come back and give out her rose or leave Paradise… forever. I can promise you things this season are only going to get more and more intense, and please keep tweeting us your thoughts, and comments and questions to @BachParadise with the hashtag #AfterParadise and maybe we’ll read and discuss your thoughts live on our very exciting new live talk show. We love having you so involved, Bachelor Nation. Until Sunday, find me at @chrisbharrison.

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