Channing Tatum grinds on gas station attendant during live press junkets

Channing Tatum has been traveling around the country to be interviewed by random people live on Facebook. Tatum is promoting his new feature, Logan Lucky, a film that has taken an unconventional marketing path.

Rather than sit in a hotel and answer the same questions over and over by dozens of media outlets, Tatum is visiting regular people. One interview was conducted at a kitchen table in South Carolina by a teen named Ella. She asked him what Logan Lucky was about and he asked, in turn, if she had a boyfriend. She answered deadpan, “That’s a stupid question.”

Tatum also went to a swimming hole outside Knoxville, Tenn., and was asked by a shirtless man what it was like to work with Jonah Hill. After the 21 Jump Street star said that Hill was like a brother to him, the shirtless man responded, “Yeah, seems like a cool, little, chubby dude.”

He even took a break to visit a gas station and share his Magic Mike moves with a female attendant.

Be on the lookout for Channing Tatum — he might just ask you to interview him.

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