Catwoman on 'Wonder Woman': Halle Berry Proclaims Herself 'Gal Gadot's Biggest Fan Right Now'

Marcus Errico
·Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment

Catwoman and Wonder Woman might be on opposing sides in DC’s comic books, but off screen it’s a pure love fest.

Halle Berry stopped by Yahoo Movies‘ suite at San Diego Comic-Con with the cast of upcoming action film Kingsman: The Golden Circle and naturally we had to ask what the former Catwoman star thought of Wonder Woman.

“I’m like Gal Gadot‘s biggest fan right now,” gushes Berry (watch the clip above). “I was so proud of that movie and proud of her. And what that [movie] has done for women, it’s palpable to me.

“It was beautifully done and well shot,” continued Berry, whose superhero résumé also includes playing Storm in four X-Men films, “and Gal is the perfect representation right now for that kind of superpower.”

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