'Cars 3': Watch 'Untold Story of Lightning McQueen' '30 for 30' Trailer

Gwynne Watkins
·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

The champion, the legend, the googly-eyed car that stares at you from your child’s backpack: How well do you really know Lightning McQueen? An episode of ESPN doc series 30 for 30 would certainly put his career in perspective. While that may not happen, in conjunction with Cars 3 (now in theaters), the Pixar franchise hero has at least gotten his own teaser for a spotlight episode, credited to director Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me). Watch it above.

The clip recaps the racecar’s rise to fame, from his abandonment in the sleepy town of Radiator Springs to his friendship with legendary racer Doc Hudson (aka Fabulous Hudson Hornet) to his four Piston Cup wins. If most of this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the plot of Pixar‘s first Cars film, which premiered in June 2006. But hey, it’s been a while — you might need a refresher before taking the kids to Cars 3, in which McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) must figure out how to compete with a new rival, Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). Doc, voiced by the late Paul Newman, appears in flashbacks in the new film, with his voice supplied by unused audio from the original Cars.

Curiously, both the new film and the 30 for 30 episode ignore the events of 2011’s Cars 2, in which McQueen and his pal Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) become entangled in an international espionage plot surrounding the Grand Prix. Judging from the positive reviews and robust box office for Cars 3, leaving the second film in the rearview mirror was a smart decision.

‘Cars 3’: Watch a trailer:

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