Bow Wow Caught Lying About His Private Jet and Inspires #BowWowChallenge

Sometimes you have to learn a lesson the hard way. Enter Bow Wow, the 30-year-old rapper who tweeted a pic on Tuesday of a private plane flanked by an uber-luxe Mercedes with the caption, “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” Press tour… Starts today. I’m on the move. #GUHHATL.”

The only problem? He was spotted on a commercial flight shortly thereafter. “Lmfaooooo who’s mans is this @smoss?!” the user wrote with side-by-side shots of the private-jet pic and Bow Wow hunkered down in a regular ol’ airplane seat. (Wah-wah!)

Making matters worse, a reverse image search led one user to the actual image the reality TV star had … umm … “borrowed.” The shot can clearly be seen on the website for Fort Lauderdale VIP Trans. (Seriously, how happy is the owner of that business right now?)

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for Twitter to delight in Bow Wow’s gaffe and drag the reality TV star through the proverbial dirt. A torrent of hilarious GIFs soon popped up.

That was just the beginning of the fallout, though. Soon after, the hashtag #BowWowChallenge began trending. The challenge gives users the outlet to fake a luxurious lifestyle Bow Wow-style. It goes without saying, some real gems appeared. “Gotta to spoil myself every now and then,” one user wrote beside a pic in which she sported a Rolex, Starbucks coffee, and Mercedes — all made from paper.

“On vacation in Hawaii,” another wrote beside a pic of her legs on a pristine beach. Well … kinda.

“About to turn up, y’all!” another wrote beside a shot of some impressive bottles of liquor.

“Took the whip out for a wash,” another bragged.

“Live at the stadium for the #bowwowchallenge,” one user declared.

Another described, “Hittin’ the trails this AM.”

Interestingly, even after all of the (hilariously brilliant) backlash, 24 hours later, Bow Wow hadn’t taken down his original private-jet post. Instead, he had blasted off a series of tweets related to promoting the next season of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, which were probably pre-scheduled … but still.

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