'Beauty and the Beast': Watch Movie's 'Stanley,' Actor Alexis Loizon, Sing Gaston's Part

One of the buzziest moments in Beauty and the Beast belongs to a performer who’s completely unknown in the United States, but who knows the story very well. French actor Alexis Loizon plays Stanley, the Gaston bro who receives a magical makeover and ends up in the arms of LeFou (Josh Gad). That much-publicized gay subplot takes up mere seconds of screen time, but Loizon, who looks like a young John Travolta, makes an impression. Watch Loizon perform a medley of Gaston’s songs from the Broadway musical (including “Belle,” “Me,” “Gaston,” and “The Mob Song”) in English, in the video above.

As it happens, Loizon originally came to director Bill Condon‘s attention as a potential Gaston (the role that ended up going to Luke Evans). In 2013, Loizon originated the role of Gaston on stage in the French language adaptation of Beauty and the Beast in Paris. According to an interview at the French Disney fan site Chronique Disney, Loizon read several times for the film’s lead villain, and was offered the role of Stanley after Evans was cast. Nevertheless, he was thrilled to be part of the production — and even coached the chorus on how to properly say “Bonjour” in the film’s opening number.

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