'Bachelorette' star Tyler Cameron reveals contestants on the show cook for themselves

Tyler Cameron. (Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)
Tyler Cameron. (Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

Tyler Cameron, 26, is best known as the “runner up” on the most recent season of The Bachelorette. Star of the show Hannah Brown gave her final rose to Jed Wyatt. However, Cameron has seemingly emerged on top anyways.

The former contractor has moved to Manhattan, was allegedly dating supermodel Gigi Hadid (they reportedly just broke up) and is involved in ABC Food Tours, a food-and-fitness program for kids in New York City public schools. The former member of the Baltimore Ravens spoke with GQ about his food and fitness routine as he prepares to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and then the TCS New York City Marathon the following month.

Being on set of the Bachelorette, Cameron’s food options were actually pretty limited.

You might have assumed the cast taking a journey to find love on the Bachelorette would be dining from fancy chef-made meals or delivery every night, but he shared that is not the case at all. In fact, the guys on Hannah B.’s season often cooked for each other.

“The opening night and the cocktail parties are catered for us — chicken tenders, burgers, tuna. All types of side dishes. They've got great desserts, too,” he explained. “We'd go to town on those nights. I was crushing it.”

But most of the time, they’re cooking for themselves. Cameron said, “When it's not catered, we're on our own to cook. We get a grocery list and can put whatever we want on it. And then it's just a fight for the kitchen and who gets to the stove first. We ended up cooking for each other a lot. The first morning we were there, Cam made omelets for everyone in the house.”

They also don’t really eat during those one-on-one dates. “Nah, you don't touch that food. It's more for show. We get to eat before the dates, usually from the same restaurant. It's still real food on the plate — you could eat it, but it's a little cold by then,” Cameron explained.

He addressed the issue on many minds — what was happening on Bachelor in Paradise when John Paul Jones aka JPJ was eating on a one-on-one date: “I heard JPJ was eating the food, though, on a one-on-one. They told him he wasn't supposed to, and he was like, ‘Why not? It's right in front of me.’ And he just went to town on cold whatever-it-was.”

And when they’re on those full-day excursions, riding horses and jumping out of planes, there are snacks to keep energy up. “Yeah, they always had someone with granola bars or some other snack. That was important, because you would get hungry, for sure. They had someone to take care of you when you needed a little pick-me-up,” Cameron divulged.

Surprisingly, the main house on the Bachelorette did not have a gym, and Cameron explained that the (very fit) guys on the show had to get creative. “We'd run around wherever we were. Some hotels had pools, and we'd go and swim. Some guys brought resistance bands, so there was a lot of band work. We even started picking up the sandbags they used for the cameras, and lifted those as weights.”

Interestingly, Cameron told GQ when he was signing up for the reality show, his friends encouraged him to try out for the WWE — and he did. Unfortunately for fans of Cameron taking his shirt off, he will not be entering the wresting ring any time soon.

“When I saw the ad for The Bachelorette, I sent it to my friends, like, ‘The boys will think this is funny,’” he said. “They told me to see what else I could apply for too, so I started looking up random stuff and saw you can apply for the WWE. I grew up watching wrestling, so I was like, ‘Alright, send that in for sure.’”

“You just send your name and some pictures, but they didn't pick me, so...” Cameron said.

He also told the magazine why and how he got into running, and how he’s hoping to hit his marathon goals.

“My dad got sick shortly before I went on the show, and after he got out of the hospital, I started getting everybody in my family to do these group runs,” he explained. “Every Thursday we'd go out, about five or six of us — I thought it was important to get moving, and I wanted my family to be healthy after seeing what my dad went through.”

“When I moved to New York, my buddy and I decided to try holding one of these runs in Central Park, just to see how it went,” explained the former college athlete. Turnout was crazy — 80 or 90 people showed up. So we said, ‘Let's do this again.’ A Nike Run coach who got involved challenged me to do the Chicago Marathon.”

“And everybody I talked to told me New York City has the coolest marathon, so I was like, ‘Alright, I'm up for the challenge.’”

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