'The B-Side' Trailer: Documentarian Errol Morris Trains His Gaze on Photographer Elsa Dorfman (Exclusive)

Errol Morris is one of cinema’s greatest documentarians, responsible for masterworks like Gates of Heaven (1978), The Thin Blue Line (1988) and the Oscar-winning The Fog of War (2003). An empathetic chronicler of unique personalities and their stories, Morris’ non-fiction films reveal fundamental truths about the human condition through his highly specific portraits of idiosyncratic men and women. He’ll once again train his eye on an artistic great — famed photographer Elsa Dorfman — with his latest, The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography. You can see the exclusive trailer for it above.

Dorfman is a self-described “nice Jewish girl” who chose to dedicate her life to snapping pictures of people both everyday and famous in her Cambridge, Massachusetts studio. Dorfman was renowned for using a large-format 20×24 Polaroid camera, and Morris’ film is a trip into her workplace (and life) to discover the intricacies of her analog trade, which is now a relic in this age of digital photography. Deriving its title from the fact that Dorfman always took two pictures of her clients and kept the rejected one (dubbed by her “the b-side”), it’s a film that played to enthusiastic reviews at last year’s Telluride and New York Film Festivals, among others.

Set to debut in theaters this summer, The B-Side should be one of the documentaries to keep an eye out for over the next few months.

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