Arizona Man Makes Dwarf Cars Out Of Refrigerators

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This guy has serious talent.

If you’ve never seen a dwarf car in person, when you do you can’t help but smile. That’s especially true of the vehicles Ernie Adams of Maricopa, Arizona builds. The man has been creating the 11/16th-scale replicas of classic rides since 1965 and has quite the collection, which he shows off in his own museum. This is the kind of passion and dedication we like to see in the hobby, proving that you don’t have to be rich, buying cars worth millions at auctions to have a good time.

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What’s even more amazing about Adams’ cars is he’s made quite a few of them out of old refrigerators. The man cut up 9 refrigerators to fabricate what he calls “Grandpa Dwarf” which resembles a 1928 Chevy, although Adams is the first to admit it’s not as exact of a replica as some of this later attempts. That’s the thing with any unique skill like this, the more you do it the better you become at it, which is why you have to be determined to keep at it.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

Adams certainly has a lot of practice now. The man has created literally hundreds of dwarf cars of just about every type you could imagine, from luxury sedans to hotrods and racers. However, the one he considers the crown jewel of the fleet is a 1949 Mercury coupe called “Rebel Rouser” a dwarf car the man built from scratch using sheet metal instead of old kitchen appliances.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

While these cars certainly look comical when someone is standing near them or they’re next to a regular-sized vehicle, the most amazing thing is Adams drives them on the roads of Maricopa and the surrounding area. That’s right, they’re street legal and licensed. Some can hit 100 mph, so they’re not exactly toys. Plus, the interiors have everything found in the original cars, including radios and all the controls. Adams fabricates many of the parts from scratch, which is simply amazing.

Check out the cars in action for yourself.

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