Why Anthony Scaramucci claims he'll never work for President Trump again

It took only two days in the Celebrity Big Brother house for Anthony Scaramucci to talk about his very brief time working for President Trump.

“This is more stressful than the White House,” Scaramucci told host Julie Chen-Moonves during the season’s first nomination ceremony. “In the White House you’re, like, eliminating people that you can’t stand. But here, you have to eliminate people you like.”

Scaramucci was feeling out of his comfort zone Tuesday night but quickly formed a friendship with comedian and fellow houseguest Tom Green, who was also fired by Trump on Celebrity Apprentice in 2009. When Green asked Scaramucci if Trump is “draining the swamp,” he replied, “I think the swamp may not have a drain.”

The former White House communications director, whom Trump dismissed in 2017, also shared his thoughts about the government shutdown, which is the longest in U.S. history.The strength of the economy is very good,” Scaramucci told Green. “So the government is actually holding things back and making it worse on people.” He added that with the shutdown and the “acrimony between the parties, you can’t get anything done.”

As for whether Scaramucci would ever again work for Trump in the White House — there’s zero chance, according to the Mooch. “If I’m really being totally objective, there’s no chance I would get invited back because I’m not really a politician,” he said. “He’s surrounded by politicians. He’s surrounded by Washington operatives, so they really don’t want people from his neck of the woods around him.”

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