Jane Fonda wants a wall, but not along the Mexican border

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Visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live!, actress and political activist Jane Fonda voiced some of her concerns about special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry.

“We need a wall of every single citizen of the United States, a good wall, that keeps the White House away from the Mueller investigation,” Fonda declared. She is concerned that President Trump’s nominee for attorney general, William Barr, might not release the results of Mueller’s report.

“We have every single right to know what the results of that investigation is,” the Oscar winner said. “And if there’s some law that gives someone the right to edit the results, we have to change the law.”

In Barr’s recent confirmation hearing, he said in written testimony that “it is very important that the public and Congress be informed of the results of the special counsel’s work.” But loopholes would enable Barr to block or edit what is shared publicly. That’s why Fonda called for Americans to unite and ensure that the truth is known, even if they have to build a wall around the White House.

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