Anna Faris Reacts to Word That Tom Holland Loves 'Just Friends'

Anna Faris as Samantha James in 'Just Friends'
Anna Faris as Samantha James in ‘Just Friends’ (Photo: New Line Cinema/Courtesy: Everett Collection)

On a swing through the Yahoo Movies offices recently, Marvel‘s newest Spider-Man not-so-guiltily confessed that his favorite guilty pleasure movie is the 2005 rom-com, Just Friends. “It’s my Mom and I’s favorite Christmas movie,” revealed Tom Holland, the 21-year-old superhero, who estimates that he’s seen the film — which stars Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, and, most memorably, Anna Faris as hedonistic pop starlet, Samantha James — about 20 times in 12 years. (Watch the video interview below.)

Since we’re all about paying it forward, we made sure to pass Holland’s sentiments along to Faris when we chatted with the actress about her upcoming animated comedy, The Emoji Movie, due in theaters on July 28. “That’s so kind!” Faris replied. “I haven’t met him, but I can’t wait to get a compliment from him, because I would love to compliment him back.” Holland may have to get in line if he wants to trade Samantha James impressions with Faris, though, as it’s a movie that she’s apparently approached about often. “I do get a lot of love from Just Friends. It’s one of those movies that’s had a really nice life. I loved making it, and being such an atrocious person.”

Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds in 'Just Friends'
Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds in ‘Just Friends’ (Photo: Everett)

Faris may not have had a face-to-face meeting with Spider-Man yet, but her husband, Chris “Star-Lord” Pratt, could very well be fighting alongside him in the next Avengers film. Pratt and Holland can be glimpsed standing alongside each other in a widely circulated behind the scenes video from the set of Infinity War, which will unite the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in an epic battle against galactic despot, Thanos (Josh Brolin). That clip implies that Star-Lord will be trading quips with Spider-Man, but whether the web-head will encounter Rocket Raccoon or any of the other Guardians during this universe-redefining battle is something that neither we, nor Holland himself, knows.

I haven’t read the script,” the actor insisted to Yahoo Movies in a separate interview. “I don’t get to read the script, because I’m so bad at keeping secrets.”

Knowing that Faris similarly has to keep the details about her spouse’s galactic adventures under lock and key, we asked her how she’s able to avoid revealing any spoiler-iffic MCU details in casual conversation. “I write it down in my diary, and then I put in a safe and then put it in another safe, so it’s virtually impossible for me to reveal Marvel secrets,” she says, laughing. There you go, Tom — some free advice direct from your favorite fake pop star, Samantha James.

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